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YJ Filter for K2 ModulePlugin

Editor's Note
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YJ K2 filter is extensive search module and plugin for K2 that filters K2 items by extra fields ( dropdown fields only ). This extension is extending the K2 default search feature and gives your website visitors enhanced and sophisticated search form.

YJ K2 filter also has its own K2 view which makes it easier for you to adjust the search results template. YJ K2 filter is using K2 search/date ( generic ) settings from Layout & view options for Search & Date listings in K2 parameters Layout and View tab.

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Reviews: 4
I have one extra field's dropdown list (Cars Make), and depending on the user's choice in that one, a second dropdown gets filled with choices (Cars Model). This awesome extension is exactly what I was looking for and did the job perfectly.
Reviews: 10
Module does not return results when using Multi-select list. There is no documentarion and support simply does not respond. Waste time and money.
Owner's reply

In product description
it states ( dropdown fields only ). Have you posted a question in extension support forum?
I am not able to find any question with your username or username similar to yours.

Reviews: 4
I bought this plugin
its really good and excellent once you understand its concept you can play with it and can make your own search Filters
Really Nice work
Reviews: 1
I bought the membership to use this module but this don't work for text fields and Multi-select list and the support is bad nobody helps me
Owner's reply

Sorry you feel that way but we replied to your 1 forum post on time ( see our forum rules ) and extension params clearly say "You can connect only dropdown extra field type so that they can populate each others fields. For example if you have field name Car make and field name Car model you can make connection between them."