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B2J News Loader for K2 Module

Editor's Note
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This amazing Joomla! 2.5 module retrieves items from K2 showing their images, categories, titles, introtexts/fulltexts, comment bubble and dates by Joomla! user's choice.
Dynamic arrangement of item parts is also available for the users. It shows certain quantity of items and on "load more" click it retrieves more K2 items with AJAX, thus reducing the loading time of the module.

If you have encountered any problems with the module, you may submit a ticket or ask your questions on our forum.
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Reviews: 38
I'm very impressed. Beatiful, flexible news module. Looks elegant and professional. It works out of the box. You can control everything through settings in admin panel.
Great work!
Reviews: 4
This is a GREAT module. Beautiful and stylish right out of the box and well developed! It is my new go-to K2 display mod!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the great feedback.
You can suggest us more on our forum thus helping us to make this module more powerful!

Thank you!

Reviews: 6
The beauty of this extension is that it displays the full introtext of K2 on your frontpage and not some truncated news because of limited word/char count! You can also add your own visual style to it - i love it! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 5
A really slick module, elegant, smart and served my purpose really well for fitting multi-page content into a little space. Hardly had to do any additional css styling like with most extensions - looked great straight out of the box. My client wanted some special customisation of the functionality of the loader, I opened up a ticket for support and within a few hours got customised php back that worked a dream!! Very impressed, I havent't had that kind of support off paid extensions and my experience with B2J means I'll definitely be using more of their extensions and templates again. True professionals who do things properly!
Owner's reply


Thanks for the great review. We really do our bests to have happy users/customers! Enjoy working with B2J extensions and follow us to get updated!

Reviews: 1
This is my first review of an extension (module) cause this guys deserve it for such a GREAT work!!! Easy to install and it does more than I spected. Highly configurable and the good part is when you go down setting up the options of the module and you see everything that you wish this module should have so you can finish your site with a pro look. B2J KUDOS!!!!!!
Owner's reply

haha :) Thank you for the Kudos!

Reviews: 15
I think this may be the first extension I've downloaded that worked EXACTLY how I wanted it to WITHOUT having to edit css or look into some type of error. This News Loader replaced my frontpage component (via loadmodule) and I love it. The editing via the module itself it superb. I just can't really say enough nice things about this. Well done!
Reviews: 5
It is truly a great improvement in my website.

Does exactly what it was supposed to do.

After a perfect support it works now fine.
Reviews: 5
Allows the listing of K2 items in a highly-configurable, attractive and easy-to-configure way. A very professional job indeed - it really makes a website look more professional and interesting.

There are two improvements I would like to suggest:

1. The ability to order items by title (ideally by category and then title!)

2. When you click an item in the index to open it, it should open in a new page (like an item normally does from the default K2 index system). At the moment, it opens underneath the index - and if the index is off the bottom of the screen, you won't see the item unless you scroll down.

Apart from those recommendations, I'd like to congratulate the developers on a near-perfect (and free!) extension. Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for the review, we will keep up the good work and provide you with best free extensions, check for updates periodically, and you'll find all the needed options in our module!!!

Happy 2013! :)

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a module which gives the article activity on a particular series for easy readership. This module is simple and elegant. Congratulations!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, now a lot of updates are available, just update to the latest version and enjoy the great new features!!