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Filter for K2 ModulePlugin

***K2 v3 is supported!***

Suitable for shops, catalogs, product sites and anyone who wants to add an opportunity to search and filter the content generated by K2.

"Filter for K2" is AJAX based module for filtering of K2 items.

With this module you can easily filter your K2 items by the values from the extra fields, by category or tag. You can choose to filter the items from one or several categories. You also have the option to choose exactly which specific items to be available for filtration. "Filter for K2" allows you to filter by one or several fields. In module parameters you can choose which fields to be loaded into the module and respectively which the user can filter out.

*** Every K2 extra field can be transformed to: ***

* multiselect
* single select
* chosen fields
* range fields (numeric values)
* check box
* radio buttons

*** The other unique option is that you can choose the layout of the module - it can behave like standard module or like component (like com_search) with own menu and view. ***

In "Filter for K2" module you can also choose the filtering logic.

Parameter "Fields Compare Type" - Allows you to choose a logical operator when you select values ​​from several fields. The options are "AND" and "OR". The AND operator displays items if both the first condition and the second condition are true. The OR operator displays a items if either the first condition or the second condition is true.

Parameter "Fields Values Compare" – allows you to select the logic when selecting values ​​from one field. The options are "AND" and "OR". The AND operator displays a items if both the first condition and the second condition are true. The OR operator displays a items if either the first condition or the second condition is true.

The additional options of the module allows you to select the number of columns for the multiselect lists, the number of columns to be displayed for the filtered items, items per page and more.

"Filter for K2" supports all standard features of the core K2 modules: hide / display of: images, title, text, author, tags, extra fields; order of the items and etc.

*** The module is successfully tested to filter more than 6 000 K2 items at once! (It may depend on your hosting provider.) ***

Release history:
v3 - 11.08.2014
[^] Support of K2 version 3

v2.0.8b - 22.10.2013
[^] Expected reference bug fix
[#] Escape quotes in js in parameter

v2.0.8 - 01.10.2013
[+] Show map on filter result page

v2.0.7 - 27.09.2013
[^] Fix date format for extrafields
[^] Fix non utf8 install sql
[+] Check if the module database table exists on update, if deleted manually create the table again.

v2.0.6 - 24.09.2013
[^] Featured first ordering bug fixed
[+] New ajax url using view
[+] Multilanguage support
[+] Parameter to show title as link
[+] Fix to be able to work when used on site that uses falang

v2.0.5 - 01.09.2013
[-] Removed sorti

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Reviews: 4
Great extension for doing some map work with K2. Support is very good and communication is excellent. This really is as good as K2 extensions can be.
Reviews: 1
This module is exactly what I was looking for my internet site: it is very responsive and quick to show the results. Excellent!
Furthermore the support is almost immediate: I wrote an e-mail concerning a small problem and I got the solution in a while. Thanks Styleware!
Reviews: 1
I'm sorry for not writing earlier :)

I bought this extension for about a year ago, and now I cant imagine my site without it.

I had an issue a few months ago when they updated my server.
I contacted the StyleWare suport, and within a few hours, they solved the problem.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
This is a must-have extension for anyone who has a lot of K2 items. And it works beautifully.

We had a few niggles and hitches with the module but the support from Styleware has been fantastic - super prompt every time and they went the extra mile to achieve the perfection my client insisted on, tweaking things here and there till it was just right.

We love the range sliders. Initially these didn't work that well on mobiles but as soon as we raised this issue, the developers fixed it so it now works a treat.

I simply can't fault these guys, they are always there when you need them.

It is well worth the price tag and I would highly recommend it. Excellent work!
Reviews: 2
The extensions works great.
I had a some questions, and in a few minutes I had the response from support.

the only minus is that there is no documentation, but wasn't a problem the quick and effective support answered all my questions and solved all my problems.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.

We added user manual for the module. Check it here:

Reviews: 3
Minus :
No documentation. The support is fairly quick and of very good quality, but documentation would be needed to fully grasp the capabilities of the modules.

Would be interesting to be able to prefilter results by an extra field. For now you can only call items from a category or manually select them.. after that all filtering options are available to you.

*******Pros : this is the best solution out there for filtering.************

Also tried the joomlart solution but the fact that its a component is a drawback.
Owner's reply


Thanks for the feedback. We added documentation file. It can be downloaded from the product page or from this direct link:

Best regards,

Reviews: 1
I buyed this module for a client, I'm really satisfied, it works very well, you can add all the kind of filter you want and the support are great and quick.
Reviews: 1
Thank you! Really, really good job and one of the best support i've ever experienced!
Reviews: 2
So I have been using Joomla for 8 years now, and I was never a K2 friend... It used to look so complicated...
That was until I found the "Extra Fields" and their power.
Yes, they are powerful, but when combined with K2 Filter.... oh my... - It's is everything I ever looked for. You can easily option in/out an extensive list of options, to give your site the look you want!
And the support? Maybe I was lucky, but I had my forum questions answered in less than 30 minutes.
I was about to give this Extension a 4 star rating because of "pagination" issue, but the creator told me they are figuring a way of solving it, so....
Reviews: 2
This module does exactly as its description says. Furthermore it is fully customizable especially if you have knowledge on css if not don't worry the support team will be there to assist you with any matters not only css. Full and prompt support very happy to purchase this module.
Reviews: 5
This module is amazingly versatile. One of the nicest features is the ability it gives you to dynamically search and filter K2 posts using Extra Fields. I would not have been able to complete my project without it. Also, the developer was extremely responsive. There was a conflict with another extension and resolved the problem in less than a few hours without any additional charge. If you are looking for a slick way to filter your K2 articles this extension is it! Highly recommend.
Reviews: 4
This module just works and the customisation options are fantastic. Also, I was emailed back literally within minutes when I had a question and had it sorted out. After mucking around for days with other filters I wish I'd just used this first. So rare to get support like this unfortunately, thanks so much.
Reviews: 1
I bought the module and wanted by the module to implement stateful objects in a category with ajax, it would require some changes in the files module - I sent a letter and the guys quickly modified the module for me and now i am so happy!
Thank you so much, you are the best!
Reviews: 1
The Swiss-Army Knife of K2 filters - incredibly configurable. Stellar, fast support. I love it!
Reviews: 3
This module does exactly what it says, and the support is the best 3'rd marty ever, a 5 minutes response maximum (in my case), and 2 problems solved in less then 10 minutes. They are receptive with new ideas, and verry sociable.

I recomend to to use this module if you need price filtering, or any other filtering who use extra fields.
Reviews: 1
It´s fast very easy to customize and have excellent support! Congratulations!
Reviews: 1
The suite of Styleware Joomla products are excellent, good value and just work. To top that I have never seen a more responsive and collaborative support function. If you have a choice; choose Styleware
Reviews: 10
There's so much you can do with this extension to narrow down a search. The filter works great and is very effective.
The support was great, Andrey was extremely helpful. Wish there were more extensions that offered this kind of support.
Reviews: 7
I'm using K2 to build catalogue/directory site and for the past 3 weeks I've tested all filters for K2.

This is the only one that have all features that I need:
very fast, user friendly and no need to refresh the page.

I'm really pleased.

William Crutchfield
Reviews: 1
I tried several filters for K2 and they all look great with the demo's, but... these are small item numbers. I think about 20 items of K2 to filter. Whenever you reach more than 100 items, it really slows the whole website so much, that it isn't workable anymore.

With these guys from StyleWare things are different. First of all this Filter for K2 is really fast! And it's nice and easy to use.

But then the support of StyleWare. In one word, awesome! These guys give you really great support and fast! They even (re)wrote my helper file for specific ordering. This is really amazing.

Look no further if you need a filter for your K2 items. This is it!!
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