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SW Tabs for K2 PluginExtension Specific Addon

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
SW Tabs is advanced tabs solution for К2. This plugin allows you to create tabs layout only for seconds. You just need to go to plugins parameters and select which tab to show or hide.

SW tabs provide the following options:

- Select on which categories to load the tabs
- Show/Hide K2 image in tab
- Show/Hide Intro and full text of the item
- Show/Hide extra fields in tab
- Show/Hide the latest items by the author in tab
- Show/Hide the details about the author in tab
- Show/Hide the related items in tab
- Show/Hide attachements in tab
- Show/Hide the video of the item in tab
- Show/Hide K2 gallery in tab
- Show/Hide K2 comments section in tab
- Show/Hide K2 plugins in separate tabs depending on their plugin event

Only our tabs plugin will give you next foour unique features:

1. Our tabs will not brake/mess with your K2 item overrides by your template provider. No need to paste code or edit templatest to show the tabs.
2. You can choose on which position to load the tabs only with one click (Before/After K2 Item, Before/After K2 Item text and etc.)
3. Our plugin support MVC structure and provide templating system. You can override the output of the plugin by creating a folder in your template.
4. It's completly free!

Release history:
v1.0.7 - 25.05.2014
[^] Video tab bug fix

v1.0.4 - 02.03.2013
[^] Text tab bug fix

v1.0.3 - 17.02.2013
[^] PHP 5.3 bugfix

[^] Bug fix
[#] Change
[+] New feature
[-] Removed feature

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Reviews: 1
I really like this extension. I am new at Joomla, but this was pretty easy to install and get running. I had one problem with it, and Set got back with me very quickly with the solution. Had another question and he replied right away. This is my first review on here, I felt compelled to write it as I was so impressed with the tech support. Thanks!!
Reviews: 4
I have tried 3 other types of tabs extensions in my attempts to align the content types offered by K2 component in tabs structure. All other extensions required that I implement their code in the k2 item templte. Only this one worked out of the box. With a touch on the template I was able to style the tabs the way I want, and was able to hide the tabs that were empty.

Then I had trouble with showing video in a tab in responsive template. The developers were extremely fast and helpful in the forum provided to support the extension.
I fully recommend this excellent addon to K2 that has no alternatives so far.
Reviews: 2
SW Tabs is a great plugin which make sure your users don't have to scroll and scroll ans scroll but an easily access all info through tabs. I purchased the Pro version later as it has some more functionality. Job well done by Styleware.
Reviews: 1
I recommand you to buy the Pro version (more features available for only 10€ including 1 year support and 10 update), the support is simply amazing ! I need a special option and they develop it for me in two days... Simply excellent !
Reviews: 7
I at first felt one page was proper to display all at once. Seemed easier. But in fact it does all run together and force customers to scroll and scroll.

This plugin brought all my info into the main screen with easy tabs across the top.

It installed and worked without support. I only needed support to get a custom tab to pull a variable from an additional field so that the custom tab was unique to that k2 item. And within one day their support team had found a solution and responded accordingly.