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GalleryChamp Plugin

CalleryChamp! Image galleries as they should be! With two simple steps, K2 gets the image gallery it deserves! How many times you wanted to re-arrange your photos, replace just one, input the titles on the fly and many more?

Now you can, with gallerychamp. The new features that gallerychamp adds to K2 are many and most expected. You don't have to re-upload all the images again if you decide to change one or if you want just to add labels. Further more, you can choose which images you want to be shown in your gallery and in what order, without even deleting them, minimizing the risk to loose any valuable content. Last but not least you don't have to stick on one design for all your galleries. Just choose the one that fits your needs each time.

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Reviews: 1
Excellent extension!!! very simple to install. We use it for large projects based on k2 for public sector. Provides cool image gallery templates plus quick support.
Reviews: 8
For me, even the commercial "simple image gallery" plugin was too complicated for most clients. Gallerychamp proved easy to install and use but initially would not appear because of recent updates to K2 (Jan 2014) which hide all galleries but their own. Thanks to excellent support from JoomlaChamp though (including template tweaks)the gallery is working great. Hope to see more extensions from these guys in the future. Highly recommended.