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Gallery for K2 Plugin

Editor's Note
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Gallery JLEX is a plugin that allows embed one or more slideshow into your article. Apply for Content and K2 component.
With Gallery JLEX, you can:
- Find and auto create thumbnail images from folder selected.
- Embed images Picasa, Flickr or remote URLs
- Optimizing your site loading speed
- Setting size image, lightbox, auto start, effect,image Alignment..etc
- Add title, description and link for each image
- Enable fullscreen function
- Support video from Youtube, Vimeo, get thumbnail image
- Include 5 package template.
- Easy code editor
- Auto responsive
- Works well on all browsers
- Fixed bug structure of code
- Fixed resize image feature
- Fixed size of thumbnail

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Reviews: 1
I like this Plugin very much, it is exactly what a searched for.
I made an account on this website just to say how much I love this plugin.
Reviews: 13
light weight and flexible plugin settings.

Hope this extension will continue to grow and release with more features.
Reviews: 1
It did not work at first and tried getting some help on the forum. I got some basic syntax schooling that got me nowhere. But I was able to make contact through FB and got a fix after they logged into my backend. I didn't get any feedback on what it was or how to fix it next time. I was impressed at the short time it took to fix. Overall - when it works it is excellent. Minus one star for not working on install and minus one for not letting me know the fix. Plus one star for just being a cool extension for K2. 7-years as a front end developer and you want to know how to fix your site. I would recommend. Gantry 4 framework on Joomla! 2.5 with K2. It's cool. I'd show you but links not allowed.