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Joomfolio ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Display K2 articles in almost every way possible using preset or randomly generated layouts.

Joomfolio for K2 is a fully responsive grid module that allows you to display K2 Articles in almost every way possible using preset or randomly generated layouts. A large variety of options allows you to configure the grid layout as you desire.

Detailed Data Source
- Specify Items source (categories, tags, etc)
- Select specific Items
- Exclude specific Items
- Show Items within time range
- Show/Hide Featured Items
- Show/Hide Items with videos
- Configure Items ordering

Customizable Layout
- Limit Items count
- Multiple grid layouts
- Configurable colors
- Show/hide Items title/introtext
- Show/hide Items date
- Show/hide Items category/author
- Configure captions position

Customizable Effects
- Configure animation type/speed
- Enable Items rotation effect
- Enable Items scale effect
- Configure Items distance

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Reviews: 23
Graet module with much much setting possibility. On frontend looks great, ideal for news joomla sites
Reviews: 1
Awesome Great!
I hardly ever do reviews, and that is because I hate to be redundant. But this is different. Joomfolio is simply an awesome extension for displaying articles. To think that an extension with such versatility, plug and play setup, and easy to control backend settings and was described with only 45 words (including features), beats me. Nevertheless, I was immediately sold after I saw the DEMO.

The responsiveness, random grid-type structure, captions control, mega-hover parameters, icon links options, and other settings, simply gave me desired control over my site. My visitors will never have to deal with the same boring UI's and un-interactive layouts. I didn’t have to tweak CSS files to make it blend with my site; I did all from the backend. In addition, I can use it in different pages or template positions to present the same articles in different but facinating layouts.

I bought and tried other “Articles Display” extensions that cost more (which I have uninstalled), for my Church website, but when I found Joomfolio, I knew I had to use it. I have not regretted that choice, seeing all the work and thinking that went into developing it. They really knew what they were doing, and I wanted, as a customer/user. All I can say is “seeing is believing”. Besides, my pre-sale questions were answered with urgency.

Thank you Minitek for this great extension. I am on your website checking out your other extensions.
Reviews: 7
I bought this extension to display K2 Items for a Tour Booking Website. The layout choices are extensive, the possibilities are endless, and I couldn't be happier with it.

I had some questions about modifying the CSS and one post in the forum led to quick answers.

Great extension and I'll definitely use it on future projects.
Reviews: 1
I'm using the joomfolio for a website landing page with K2 articles.

This module extension converts your K2 article landing page in an outstanding and state of the art presentation of articles and photos with windows 8 look and feel instead of the frumpy K2 standard layout with primary and secondary articles.

K2 article can be sorted in a grid style with overlay. You can select either the article detail or the image of the article by click very easily.
The grid is resizing itself automatically based on the size of article and headline.
Different gridformats can be selected to fit best in the max width of the browser window.

It's fully responsive. On a small mobile UI it shows in the portrait layout just the thumbs of the images assigned to the article (can be customized).

The layout can be customized very sophisticated. Amazingly the rest is done by the module itself. Very handsome, easy to use with clever presets and every peny worth.
Reviews: 2
Great product... Good Customer Support.. Will be doing feature business...
Reviews: 7
First, I want to point out that a lot of thought and time was put into this module. The details are both robust and granular which allows me to customize it to my exact needs. This extension helped me to transform K2 into a versatile portfolio that I going to use for two (maybe more) sections of the website I am developing.

I greatly appreciate responsiveness of this company and the fact that two updates were made based on my general suggestions and specific needs (Thanks Yannis). I love the fact that it renders fast and plays well with mobile.

I am looking forward to acquiring more extensions from Minitek as they have won my loyalty.