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Inceptive Extra Field Update for K2 PluginExtension Specific Addon

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Inceptive Extra Field Update for K2 is a simple plugin that does a very significant job.

Imagine you have your site all set up with like 1500 K2 items and you need to add an extra field that should be included in all those 1500 K2 items. The standard procedure so far would be to open each one of them and either save them, letting this extra field to take its default value, or choose your own value and saving your item. If you don't do that for each one, then in the frontend of your site there will be no value next to the extra field, which is not that pretty.

As you understand this is a little bit annoying. Our plugin adds a button inside every extra field form in your K2 administrator panel that when pressed, Inceptive Extra Field Update for K2 will find the K2 items that need to be updated and will update them using the default value. Now the frontend of your site looks once again FINE!

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