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zKunenaTicker ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Kunena Ticker! Now available for use with Kunena 2x AND Kunena 3!
Display the latest posts from Kunena in a News Ticker format. A great number of options control what posts are shown. Not just another Latest Posts Module... something a bit different. Tested with MooTools Upgrade Plugin enabled or disabled.

BASIC Features include:

* Include individual Categories and/or forums
* Exclude individual Categories and/or forums
* Show only unanswered posts
* Ticker pauses on Mouse-Over
* Back-end styling options plus easy-edit CSS file
* Optionally display poster's Avatar.
* Many options controlling what posts are shown

Latest Updates:
* New release for Joomla! 3.1 and Kunena 3
* Added no-wrap options to Subject, Time and Author Text
* Added Height Param for fly out message
* Added option to show Category
* Added option to show snippet of Latest Post
* Added MooTools Flyout for Message display
* New Release for Kunena 2
* Additional Filter Options
* Added check for MooTools more
* Category Selector Bug found and squashed
* Added option to reverse the direction of Vertical Ticker
* Added option to High-Light most recent topic
* Added control options for scrolling FX

* More...

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Reviews: 3
I've just published this extension on my website and I'm extremely happy with it. It is highly configurable as advertised and very flexible. Highly recommended without a second thought!!
Reviews: 6
Great Kunena forum ticker, and the support is worthwhile mentioning-- excellent! It's attractive, it's interactive, it's fluid, it's Nzambi!