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Kunena Social Share PluginExtension Specific Addon

Kunena Social Share is a Joomla plugin that implements the Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Google +1 buttons inside the Kunena posts.

Backend configuration

- Enable buttons separately
- Plugin adds Facebook opengraph tags (linter validated) to the head of the page
- Option to select a static image for posts
- Optionally load Google and Twitter javascript codes
- Select Google +1 button language
- Configure buttons size
- Add css styling

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Reviews: 8
Plugin is fine, does the job. One let down is that you can't target the outer div of the css, cause there is no suffix box and nothing else unique about the code. In the plugin there is a css box, but when you want to give a the outer div a border in this box, all the divs will have a border, it's not possible to target the outer div of the plugin. I don't understand why the developers haven't given the outer div a unique class or at least put the suffix box in the plugin, both those things would have made the plugin a lot better in my view. Apart from that it works.
Reviews: 5
This is one of the good and easy to install extensions. I had no need for the support, but was glad to pay for such a useful and easy piece to my site. I've used it for many months on my Zombies Eat Us website without any issue.
Reviews: 2
I purchased the 1 month support version and downloaded and installed it within 2 inutes. There was NO CONFIGURATION needed. it just appeared in my Kunena posts and worked perfectly the first time I opened my forum. I wish other authors would consider their market as well as this one did. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
I have install this extension in my website : Planete NextGen. It's a very good plugin and very fast. You can choose to enable google+, twitter, facebook. This plugin insn't exepensive and it's working very well ! A must have if you have a kunena forum (install - publish - enjoy !)
Reviews: 1
I have never buying a component / extension in Joomla. Iy's my firs time because this plugin isn't expensive !

You just have ton install the plugin, publish and enjoy !

Kunena + kunenan social share is the best thing to have more fan on facebook / twitter or Google +(since I have install this plugin, I have more visitor !).
Reviews: 3
I installed the plugin but had no luck showing the social icons. So I contacted support, and they remotely made it work... it turned out to be my custom Kunena template that was causing the troubles... not their plugin.
Thanks :-)
Reviews: 1
Excellent plugin, does what it should. Polished, professional look and settings. I looked into many plugins, but most are too messy for this fairly simple task. About the dev team? you have to get in touch with them to believe this. Our sites are Greek. Using the Greek language is hard, especially in some Joomla issues. Those guys at Minitek resolved all language-specific glitches within the same day (!), despite the fact that it proved to be a Joomla template issue, not theirs. I urge you guys to promote your work more!