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Mosets Greek Alpha Index PluginExtension Specific Addon

This Plugin display the Greek Alphabet in mosets tree joomla! component.

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Reviews: 1
I had minor problems with the files at first, but the author is really helpful, and helped me solve them in a very short time!
You just copy the files in your joomla component folder (after backing up the original folder first ofcourse) and you are good to go. Excellent work!
Installed on
Joomla 3.3.3 + Mosets 3.5.5
Reviews: 10
I wonder how the only reviewer got how to use this extension. No proper installation file but just one folder meant to be copied into Joomla Components folder and they call this a Plugin, funny though! As at the time of this review, there is NO guide on how to use the so-called plugin on your website. I see this as a junk in the Joomla Extension Directory. Owner please regularize.
Owner's reply

Hello Kennysteve,

Thank you very much for your review.

1) You've right. This is not a plugin, it's some files that users have to overwrite the core files of mtree's template. But in jext there isn't any option to publish folder or files so I called this files as a plugin.

2) If you extract the zip file, you will find a documentation inside. There is a "readme.txt" file that describes how you can use this.

3) This is free, for greek people and they knows how to use it, so, where is the problem? Have you use this extension or you want to destroy the image of this extension? I don't think that you are from Greece and you have used this (plugin).

Reviews: 5
Is what i need! Works great! Just Enable it and it's ready.