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Phoca Gallery Plugin Plugin

Phoca Gallery Plugin is a Joomla! Plugin to show categories or images of Phoca Gallery in an article content.

- Joomla!
- Phoca Gallery with Slideshow component


Usage (see Demo): (live site using Phoca Gallery Plugin)

Phoca Gallery - Joomla! 2.5 Demo:

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Reviews: 2
Works great, although the big picture above the thumbs isn't working for me. It works correctly, just as the demo shows. But when you switch fast from thumbs, because of the loadingtime (even if its 1 second), the height/widht changes and you easily hit another thumb. I would prefer that when you click it changes, instead of when you are holding your mouse on it.

Actually deserves 4,5 stars, but since I can't choose that, it's gotta be 4.
Reviews: 4
Love this module but I wish it could do an automatic pagination. If you have 70 pictures, they will all show up on one page without pagination to next page unless you break them down manually....
I still like this application and at least it gives you many options....
Reviews: 3
Phoca just updated a few things for the gallery plug in and I'm super please with the ease of use. I originally installed Phoca Gallery for my own basic use, then decided that I wanted my registered users to be able to upload pictures of their own. This has just been added in the new release! It is a very easy to use program, not bulky, not drowning with a bunch of features I do not need, yet still nicely equipped. My users can now upload from the front end login! I'm delighted that I don't have to switch galleries now.
Reviews: 10
Syntax was a little confusing at the beginning, but found this add-on very flexible after some experimentation.
Reviews: 2
Perfect extension for the gallery component
Reviews: 8
I've been looking for something to add an album to a 1.5 site for a while and nothing seemed appropriate. It's a site for a school which wants to show the individual pix of their graduates.

This plugin works so simply and easily, to gether with a component that is a treat to use - uncomplicated, does the business!

One feature that is missing, but Jan has assured me that this coming soon, is that currently no caption can be added. As soon as this feature gets added, my rating for this plugin and component go to 5!

Jan - the developer - is very responsive to any issues. I have exchanged messages with him online and solved some issues I had, with his generous help, within a very short period. Great support, Jan! Thanks!
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