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Phoca Gallery Tree Module

Phoca Gallery Tree Module is a Joomla! Module which shows a tree of galleries (categories) from Phoca Gallery component.

- Joomla!
- PHP 5 (or any later version) with GD library (graphics library for thumbnails creation).
- Phoca Gallery with Slideshow component.


Joomla! 1.6 Demo:

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Reviews: 4
Very practical, organized preview for readers. Easy to use and apply. Like it very much and use it much too.
Reviews: 2
Very Easy to use and fits quite nicely into your template (color scheme). A must have with gallery component
Reviews: 5
It works as it supposed to and smooth as windows explorer.

It is very handy to see the list and select the categories and sub-categories

Highly recommend it
Reviews: 9
This is an absolute must have if you use Phoca Gallery.
I have more than 30 categories in my gallery and this tree is the easiest way to navigate through the all this.
Reviews: 2
I am a amateur photography (basically I don't make a living a photography) and I'm relatively new to Joomla. I wanted a easy to uses professional looking photogallery for my website and Phoca Gallery is the Photogallery module I chose. I tried a few others, but Phoca Gallery has many options and took me few days to explore the module. Over all I think it's a good choose for a photogallery.
Reviews: 1
One of the most usefull component with the Phoca Gallery. Very simple to use : just install it.
Its main advantage is to avoid to use/built menus accessing the galleries. Navigation throught trees of categpories/subcategories (like folders) is intuitive and enough.
I use it for albums on a hiking club site, and this presentation is well estimated by the end-users (visitors).
Reviews: 5
Excellent extension, I wonder why its not included in Phoca Gallery altogether, easy to install, easy to modify, I use it in almost every website I make...
Reviews: 8
I think phoca gallery component with these modules is the best choice for create a image gallery
Reviews: 4
I have a very large photography gallery on my website with layers of categories. This module for Phoca Gallery made navigating to the sub-category for a particular set of photographs very easy for my users.

Great tool.
Reviews: 23
This extensions works very well with the main Phoca gallery extensions. It makes navigating the galleries as simple as can be imagined.