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QuickDown for Remository Plugin

Easily offer downloads from your Remository within your content with this mambot. Simply type in one of the commands as explained below in your content of the file you want a link to. You can find the id in remository's backend file manager. Features * Highly configurable via parameter systems * Supporting item rating How to use There are 3 commands to use in you content: 1.) {quickdown:[id]} : To include a single file with the id (use the download-id instead of [id]) within your content.2.) {quickcat:[id]} : To include all published files contained by a single category (use the category-id instead of [id]).3.) {quickfolder:[id]} : To include all published files contained by a single folder (use the folder-id instead of [id]). NEW IN VERSION 3.53! Now offers lists of newest or most popular files, and the ability to play audio files.

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Reviews: 98
I have been using Remository for more than 3 years. This is really a great enhancement to its component. Thanks to the author.
Reviews: 1
I just upgraded my Remository from 3.44 and decided to try QuickDown. Perfect install, enabled the plugin, set the parameters, and imbedded {quickdown:n} (n=id number of document) in the article. Voila! Up and running in less than 5 minutes and works perfectly in the latest version of Firefox. Kudos to the developer :)