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Developer Add-on for SEBLOD Extension Specific Addon

Developer Add-on for SEBLOD exports a zip archive including all files/folders to speed up the development of plug-ins for SEBLOD.

Create any kind of plug-ins in a few clicks:
- Field (cck_field) Plug-in
- Link (cck_field_link) Plug-in
- Live (cck_field_live) Plug-in
- Object (cck_storage_location) Plug-in
- Typography (cck_typo) Plug-in
- Validation (cck_field_validation) Plug-in

Ease of use: Easy
Requirements: Latest release of SEBLOD 3.x
Target: Developers

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Reviews: 11
I am making just a general statement about this extension: Seblod is a great application development environment for Joomla. However, it lacks much in documentation, external developers and forums support. Seblod can do a lot more than extend content - it can be used as an applications development environment.

This apps packaging extension hopefully will lead to some of the great developers using it to contribute new content modules and applications to give Seblod higher visibility and momentum.