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CustomList4SobiPro ModuleExtension Specific Addon

CustomList4SobiPro is an all-in-one entries display module for SobiPro. Use Pre-built and custom templates and javascript effects on display and filter by any combination of fields!

- Select any of the pre-built template files or create your own template file to customise the output.
- Select any of the pre-built javascript effects (scroller and slideshow) or create your own javascript effect.
- Specify any custom filter criteria to display items; double the same extension as a Featured List, Latest Items List, Listings by Author etc.
- Select from a single category or from an entire section.
- Order by any field or just randomize the output.

The module can be configured to work as a Latest Items, Featured Items, Listings by Author and a listings module fitting any custom filter criteria!

Now available for Joomla 1.6 and Joomla 1.7 as well!

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Reviews: 1
When I bought this extension I only needed it to publish latest items. After skimming through the manual I realised that I can do more.

After a mail to the developer he agreed to configure the system for me for free to suit my new changes! This is a very good extension that brings a lot of value for money.
Reviews: 1
This is a well built module and Kulendra provides excellent support for it, even helping customize it for use on my site.

Thanks Kulendra, good work!
Reviews: 2
The service alone is worth the value of this extension.

We were assisted by the developer in getting exactly what we needed out of the module, and have been able to provide a much better service to the users of our site.

Thanks to KJ for the module and service.

Reviews: 5
I purchased this module several months ago for a large website project in which I would reuse different instances of it many times.

Getting it to work exactly as I wanted it to proved a little tricky for me so I contacted Kulendra (the developer) who helped me no end. I granted him admin access and he logged in to the website backend, customised the module to my exact needs and installed it, tested it and then let me know it was all working as I wanted it to. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Very friendly, very quick and incredibly useful! Thanks Kulendra!
Reviews: 2
I used this module in my webpage and I'm loving it.
Customer support is very good and all my problems were sorted out quickly.
I like that it's easy to customize and easy to understand.

I recommend this for everyone who uses SobiPro

Reviews: 6
Recentley purchased this extension, had a few issues mainly of my own making.
They were sorted same day, staff were only to pleased to help.
Would not hesitate to recomend this extension to Joomla users

Reviews: 7
This is a very good extension. The best part by far was the documentation.

I was having trouble getting a few things customized the way I wanted, but once I took the time to read over the available information I was all set! Very handy and fair priced for someone like me who only needed this additional functionality to get all he needs out of SobiPro (which is a great component by itself).
Reviews: 1
This extension is a must-have for every website with SobiPro installed.
It works excellent.

The developer is very kind. I accidently purchased this module twice. The developer sent me a mail, offers help and he sent the money of my second purchase back to my Paypal account.