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SobiPro Search ComponentPlugin

Search Plugin is a Joomla search plugin. It extends the core Joomla search engine to support SobiPro entries.

- Joomla Search engine, support for integrated core search.
- Support for ONE Section.
- Category search and navigation.
- Full Text Search, to take advantage of MySQL - Full-Text search indexes.

*** Highly Customizable ***

- Empty search (no keywords) mode
- Randomize results
- Results title and description customization
- Allow Guest entries or only approved entries
- Custom order

*** Features ***

- Core Joomla Search support
- Category Filter support (sid_list parameter)
- Empty Search support (no keywords)
- Full Text Search option
- Empty Search Mode, in Joomla Search
- Cronjob Indexer for high performance configuration
- Custom Order for results list
- Full control for performance tuning

Developed with FOF - Framework on Framework is a RAD framework for the Joomla! CMS.

*** Parameters ***

- Section - Identification of catalog
- Search Fields - Identification of search fields.
- Search Limit - The number of Search items to return.
- Search into username -Search into username from Joomla users table.
- Search into name - Search into name from Joomla users table.

- Title Fields - In Joomla Search mode, by default, the name of each entry is shown as result title. This setting allows to define a new field, for each section, as result title. (one for each section)
- Description Fields - Description Fields for the results (one for each section).
- Categories Filter - Restriction of search categories.The plugin also receives a custom parameter sid_list, so you can restrict the categories on-the-fly.

- Menu - Menu Item Identification to set a results page context.
- Enable Full-Text Search -Enable Full-Text Search Check the online documentation.
- Full-Text Search QUERY EXPANSION -Enable Full-Text Search WITH QUERY EXPANSION.
- SQL_BIG_SELECTS - Advanced setting just in case the query gets bigger than MySQL limit.
- Query Custom Order (optional) - Experimental, SQL field names to customize query order, please debug it.
- Debug - Debug Mode.


- SobiPro 1.1 (recommended), or superior / SobiPro 1.0.8 is supported in compatibility mode
- Joomla 3 / Joomla 2.5, or superior
- PHP 5.3, or superior
- MySQL 5.5 (recommended), or superior

*** Version 5.5.0 - 19 August 2014

* Feature: Install from Web and Live Update
* Feature: Web Cron Job Task
* Feature: ACL for Administrator and Manager roles
* Enhancement: enforce Sql Big Selects
* Enhancement: Temporary table rename
* Enhancement: Conditional SP cache reset, after a full re-index
* Enhancement: Stats array fix
* FOF v2.3.1 (f0f) and new F0F Installer
* Backbone JS v1.1.5, Font Awesome v4.1
* Usability improvements and optimizations
* Improved Help / New tutorials

*** Updates in 5.4.0 - 17 June 2014

* Feature:

Report Extension




Reviews: 2
I needed (and still am looking for) a method to search SobiPro categories "and" entries. This software provides a good search feature, but will not search categories. Selecting from a pull-down category is available, but if a user wants to type the category "and" keyword or zip code into the search box, the search fails. I found this extension neither good nor bad - it depends on your specific needs. I have a very large list of categories - more than 1,800. Users are not going to figure out how to find the one they want. Searching via an input box is the only method that is easy for users with a site this size - eventually holding more than 20m entries. Extly provides products that work, but just not for my needs. I was disappointed to find, after installing, that it offers little more functionality than the default SobiPro Extended Search.
Owner's reply

Hi, You are right. Thank you for feedback!

We are aware of the current limitations. They are mostly rooted in the original implementation.

We've just released a new version to support SobiPro 1.1 Beta 2. In this new version, we've re-written how the queries are build and how SobiPro can be searched.

It's currently an alpha version, but we expect to release it when SobiPro 1.1 is finally published as stable.

Again, we appreciate the time you devoted to write the review.

Warm Regards,
Tech Team

Reviews: 8
thank you for the great work you have been carrying out, its contribution towards opensource.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kindly words! We really appreciate them!

Kind Regards
Extly Team

Reviews: 1
Plugin is simple and it works! :)
Reviews: 8
I installed this thing and it just worked! I had some questions about the settings and they were answered quickly. I recommend it!
Reviews: 70
My client asked why their site wasn't searching their SobiPro business listings, and within seconds I came across this plugin. Another few minutes and it was installed, configured, and running perfectly. What else could one ask for?
Reviews: 2
Our Resource Network is filled with many categories and tons of content (really tested the extreme abilities of SobiPro+). I couldn't get it to work but Anibal Sanches from their tech support worked on Saturday to make sure it was working and good to go. Going the extra effort is support I like to think I should be able to expect from any developer and you can here. Now you can actually search for any kind of product or service on our site and if it's there you'll find it. This is a company you can trust.
Reviews: 7
This plugin does the job. It adds Sobi to core Joomla search, but you can only search one Section/directory. If you want to search across multiple directories, you need to purchase the Plus version.
Owner's reply

Thank you!!! We appreciate your review.

Kind Regards,
Anibal Sanchez