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SobiPro Search+ (Plus) ComponentPlugin

Search Plugin+ (Plus) is a Joomla search plugin. It extends the core Joomla search engine to support SobiPro entries.

- Joomla Search engine, support for integrated core search.
- Multi-Section, to support more than one section search in only one query.
- Category search and navigation.
- Full Text Search, to take advantage of MySQL Full-Text search indexes.
- Cronjob support, to schedule the index refresh.

*** Features ***

- Core Joomla Search support
- Category Filter support (sid_list parameter)
- Empty Search support (no keywords)
- Full Text Search option
- Empty Search Mode, in Joomla(*) Search
- Cronjob Indexer for high performance configuration
- Custom Order for results list
- Full control for performance tuning

*** Parameters ***

- Sections - Identification of search catalogs
- Search Fields - Identification of search fields.
- Search Limit - The number of Search items to return.
- Search into username -Search into username from Joomla users table.
- Search into name - Search into name from Joomla users table.

- Title Fields - In Joomla Search mode, by default, the name of each entry is shown as result title. This setting allows to define a new field, for each section, as result title. (one for each section)
- Description Fields - Description Fields for the results (one for each section).
- Categories Filter - Restriction of search categories.The plugin also receives a custom parameter sid_list, so you can restrict the categories on-the-fly.

- Scheduled Indexer - For large catalogs, this setting disables the automatic indexer on page load. It requires the 'PrSobiProPlus Indexer'.
- Menu - Menu Item Identification to set a results page context.
- Enable Full-Text Search -Enable Full-Text Search Check the online documentation.
- Full-Text Search QUERY EXPANSION -Enable Full-Text Search WITH QUERY EXPANSION.
- SQL_BIG_SELECTS - Advanced setting just in case the query gets bigger than MySQL limit.
- Query Custom Order (optional) - Experimental, SQL field names to customize query order, please debug it.
- Debug - Debug Mode.

Developed with FOF - Framework on Framework is a RAD framework for the Joomla! CMS.

*** Requirements ***

- SobiPro 1.1 (recommended), or superior / SobiPro 1.0.8 is supported in compatibility mode
- Joomla 3 / Joomla 2.5, or superior
- PHP 5.3, or superior
- MySQL 5.5 (recommended), or superior

*** Changelog ***

*** Version 5.5.0 - 19 August 2014

* Feature: Install from Web and Live Update
* Feature: Web Cron Job Task
* Feature: ACL for Administrator and Manager roles
* Enhancement: enforce Sql Big Selects
* Enhancement: Temporary table rename
* Enhancement: Conditional SP cache reset, after a full re-index
* Enhancement: Stats array fix
* FOF v2.3.1 (f0f) and new F0F Installer
* Backbone JS v1.1.5, Font Awesome v4.1
* Usability improvements and optimizations
* Improved He

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Reviews: 1
this is the worse extension. waste money and time. the support is so slow and ask silly question even u explain to them before. their support forum didn't answer the question. the love so much to ask silly question and left the thread.

documentation is not well explain and out of date.

Please dont buy this extension!, don't waste your money and time buying this extension UNLESS u know the programming very well. if any problem happen you have to fix by yourself or like me, hire other programmer to fix the module.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry for the delay.

Please, remember the only way to ask for official support is thought the support system.

Thank you for your feedback, we are always improving our products.

Reviews: 1
Purchased this extension, and was having problems, sent an email and was replied within 24hrs with solutions!

Can't get any better than that!

Thank you so much for the help Anibal.

Owner's reply

Thank you! We are glad to be helpful.

Reviews: 11
We have a tourism website and I needed the Joomla search to be able to search both our articles and our directory entries. This excellent extension makes it happen. It's simple to install and use too.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your support!

Reviews: 5
Great plugin, easy to install. Had some issues with a bug - the support was quick & friendly. Worth paying for it!
Owner's reply

Thank you!! We improve with your feedback!

Support Team

Reviews: 1
I bought this plugin for a directory site I am creating. One of the needs I have is the ability to search by category with SobiPro. This extension did not have the capability but after contacting the developer they took the time to work with me to create a solution. Thank you Anibal.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your support and feedback to enhance the product.

We appreciate your review :-)

Kind Regards,