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SP Extended Search Module

Show your customized extended search form in any page!

"SobiPro has a Search Box and an Extended Search. To empower this feature, we publish a module to show this same search form in any page position"

The module shows the Search Box and the Extended Search Form in any page position.

So, you can show the Extended Search Form in any page, and submit to the component.

*** Search Mode ***

It has two modes of operation:

- SobiPro Native Search, it submits the query to SobiPro.
- Joomla Search, It submits the query to Joomla general search.

*** About Empty Search Mode ***

The Empty Search allows to return results even when there's no keywords, filtering only with the remaining fields.

- SobiPro Search Mode with Category Filter
- SobiPro Search Mode Unrestricted
- Joomla Search Mode

*** Features ***

The module loads the Extended Search Form and allows to display it in any page position.

- Extended Search Form in any page position, with Multi-Level Category Filter
- Support for SobiPro or Joomla Search Mode
- Support for cookie form saving and autocomplete.
- Support for Empty Search (no keywords), filtered by Category or Unrestricted.
- Support for third-party radius search and maps.

*** Configuration ***

These are the parameters of the module:

- Search Mode: SobiPro Native Search / Joomla Search
- Section
- Category List Mode: N-Levels
- Categories Order
- Category List Filter
- Box Width
- Box Text
- Search Button: No / Yes
- Search Button Image: No/Yes
- Button Text
- OpenSearch autodiscovery: No/Yes
- OpenSearch title
- Menu (Itemid)
- Allow Empty Search Box
- Module Class Suffix
- Caching
- Cache Time

*** Requirements ***

- SobiPro 1.1 (recommended), or superior / SobiPro 1.0.8 is supported in compatibility mode
- Joomla 3 / Joomla 2.5, or superior
- PHP 5.3, or superior
- MySQL 5.5 (recommended), or superior

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Reviews: 3
Although it may be an excellent extension, in at least one case installation resulted in major problems.

Before writing this review we invited the publishers to work with us to troubleshoot the problem, as a socially responsible measure, in order to avoid similar difficulties for others, without sucess. We also consulted with SobiPro development (SigSiu) who indicate conflics are due to libraries other than those included in SobiPro or Joomla are used.

You may consider that in at least one case, upon publishing this extension, both the front-end and the back-end of a Joomla 2.5 site with the latest version of SobiPro became unavailable. Only through a full restore of the site files and databases was it possible to overcome the situation.

We reccomend care: A full backup before installing or publishing this extension.
Owner's reply

The review is not based in the product.

The user contacted us asking for support about other product.

In the SobiPro (SigSiu) club development forum, they answered about a Javascript library subject, not about installation problems.

It's always a good advice to have an up to date backup, and test new software in a development environment.

The rest of the review is not right.

Reviews: 2
I can tell this module had bugs but support is great, so the module has very fast step by step upgrade and become very flexible and usefull. Thanks!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

We are always looking for creative ways to improve the product! ;-)


Reviews: 7
As you can see from the other reviews, they listen to their customers and deliver results FAST! Got this as part of the SobiPro bundle and it works a treat. Can't recommend them enough!
Owner's reply

And, we can't thank you enough for your support!

Warm Regards

Reviews: 1
The module does what is says, it searches in the SobiPro entries. But there is more then that. The support is really great. The reponse is really fast. So if you need a module that is searching in sobipro entries, this is the one you must have!

Keep up the good work!
Owner's reply

Thank you Jered! We've improved the product with your help. ;-)


Reviews: 2
I have created a business catalog with sobipro and i needed a search module like this one. I had a few problems but the support helped me fix them :)
Reviews: 2
I asked them to help me with an extension from a different company. They integrated the other extension into the SobiPro Extended Search Module. They did it in about a week, and they did it for FREE. Unbelievable.
Owner's reply

Hi DrG,

It's our pleasure to be helpful!!!

Thank you very much for your support.

Kind Regards,

Reviews: 1
A job well done. Technical support is exceptionally good.