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kBanners4SobiPro ComponentModule

kBanners4SobiPro is a dedicated banner manager for SobiPro that allows you to direct banners to the visitors based on the category/sub-category or the section they are viewing.

The most important aspect of advertising is targeting. If a client is viewing a SobiPro section for restaurants, the chances are that he will be more interested in advertisements with regards to restaurants. With SobiPro allowing you to set up multiple sections to represent different product types and categories to represent variations of categories (geographic/color/material or sub types), kBanners4SobiPro is the ideal extension to manage advertisements for your business directory.

kBanners4SobiPro allows banners to be grouped and assigned to sections and categories. It is also possible to configure banner groups to automatically descend in to sub categories so that the assignment needs to be done only at the top most level.

Click tracking allows you to identify the best performing banners, modules and even the URLs. Export the statistics to further analyse on spreadsheet tools. There hasn't been a better way to monetize your SobiPro directory.

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Reviews: 7
This extension make serving ads in sobipro a breeze, it looks complicated at the start but after a short period of time it is an excellent tool, worth every PENNY.

Reviews: 2
We use over 100 categories and at least 8 different banners at 2 different banner positions on each page at the same time - and we needed a solution to assign hundreds of banners to specified positions...

Well... this one does it pretty good!!!

Once you've learned how to do it (create banners, banner groups, assign them to different(!) banner-modules...) you get a "click-matrix" for every banner or banner group. So after setting the stuff up, it's really fast and easy to manage banners by categories on small or big projects - the details-page can also be assigned to banners(!).

There's a nice function for statistics and a CSV-export as well, so I don't miss anything at the moment. This is the only extension I found with those capabilities.

An btw: Thanks to KJ for the GREAT support (we had a little issue in the statistics - SOLVED) - support is fast, very kindly and answered all of my questions.

This is my first review here, and yes, I just wrote it because I'm impressed and want to say THANK YOU.

Best regards and greetings
from Wiesbaden/Germany