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Sobipro Radius Search Application Plugin

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This Radius Search Application is a native SobiPro Application (plugin) and fully integrated with and installed within SobiPro.

The Radius Search allows you to add a field into the native SobiPro search form to be able to add both centerpoint and radius distance criteria to the SobiPro search function. It works in conjunction with and is entirely integrated with that form. You can search just by radius distance or with any combination of native SobiPro search criteria.

The MyJoom Radius Search Application allows you to add a field into the native SobiPro search function. This field allows the user to enter any type of address (street and/or city and/or ZIP and/or any data that can be located in Google maps). Once the user start to type a place name, the fields try to complete the user’s query (exactly like the search input box). The user could also use an optional ‘Locate me’ button to geocode their position (useful for mobile users like iPhone, iPad, Android and newer browsers).

There are two parts of this search entry:

1) Starting point as described above.
2) Desired search radius which is configurable in the administration panel.

After the center point is entered, the user selects a radius. The radius select box can be customized in the administrative panel with your own comma-separated list of distances in the units you define (kilometer, miles, nautical miles). In metric unit, it's possible to display the values in meters.

There is also an option to display the distance from center point on each vcard in the search result listing and the vcard entries can optionally sorted by distance.

Work also with sales area radius : you define for each entry a radius (sales area), and the radius search find the entries even is their center point is not into the search radius. Sample, I search in a radius of 20km, and the center of the entry is outside this radius (at 22km), but if this entry have a sales area radius of 5km, then it will appear in results.

In order to work, Sobipro Radius Search app need to have geocoded entries (entries with latitude and longitude). For this you can use SP club geo field, or Geocode Factory or other...

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Reviews: 21
I have used this application before and needed it for a custom site I have developed. There was a small issue (I was unable to solve) I was having with the site requirements so I opted to purchase a new subscription for a month. Zed fixed it. Absolutely worth it and it works like a treat.
Reviews: 1
This plugin works great and I've never worked with a developer that has gone out of their way to help resolve issues as this one has, even when the issue wasn't part of this application but rather a 3rd party application. A+ Support.

If you follow the documentation this works flawlessly. If you can setup SobiPro then this is child's play.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for this excellent Plugin / Modul. It works fine... and thanks for the fast and very perfect support!!!
Reviews: 3
why do i have to put code in myself, you can put in 3 different places and yet it doesnt work. way too confusing to set up. Customer Support is excellent as they do answer you but its been too much of a pain for this amount of money.
Owner's reply

We cannot be responsible about the template system of Sobipro. You probably just not understand how it work.
There is many help and documentation on the sobipro site and samples of integration on our own site under the tutorial.
Also you write there is 3 places to put the plugin code, but there is many more place. This depends to your template and we cannot control this.
Each user's plugin can be different and our documentation explain how to include the plugin code in a general way.

Reviews: 6
This extension is proving to be an invaluable plugin to Sobi. We had a small issue with our setup, and the developer took the time to work out what was wrong and delivered an amended version in a very short time.

Very impressed!
Reviews: 5
A must have application for SobiPro with very good and flexible options.

The support is fast and helpful.
Reviews: 4
I have received fantastic support and this extension does exactly what I needed.
Reviews: 3
Perfect application.
Great support.
simple & efficient
Reviews: 1
I needed this plugin because SobiPro does not yet offer the Radius Distance search on it's own. I had some minor javescript conflict issues regarding the use of SobiPro's Geomap module which are well known and noted by the developer as to how to correct the issue. I did have some issue making the necessary changes but the developer was quick and helpful in his response.
Reviews: 7
This extension was exactly what I needed to allow search by radius. Support went above and beyond to help me geocode entries after I encountered a geomap field / browser conflict. I highly recommend Radius Search Application for easier searching!
Reviews: 2
SobiPro certainly isn't my favourite extension, and I was very disappointed to see that native support for postcode searching was dropped when it transitioned from Sobi2, but finding this application fixed EVERYTHING!

This app does exactly what it says it will, with a lot of really smart features, and a really useful auto-complete function. It is absolutely worth the price.

And the support? Hands-down the best extension support I've had, and I have dealt with quite a few Joomla extension builders! I had some pretty complicated customisations that I needed, and the developer was extremely helpful and eager to please. How refreshing!
Reviews: 2
This extension is a "must have" for your SobiPro based site. I had few problems with configuration and support was very helpful. I'm giving 5 stars for this extension.
Reviews: 8
The small outlay for this extension has seen great support and implementation of updated and new features that have made projects I'm using it for far easier to implement. Prompt and helpful each time I've found a bug, the application for Sobi Pro does exactly what I need it to.
Reviews: 3
This extension in combination with the even more excellent Geocode Factory, is a must have for a SOBI-pro configuration that involves maps and location. There is no need for the sobi team to develop a radius search, because it won't beat this extension of Myjoom, that works flawless with SOBI-pro. In case of issues, Myjoom will help you solve it!
Reviews: 12
I love this extension. It takes the search feature to a higher and more professional level.

The service is also excellent. They answered questions quickly. I thought I had a problem with the extension and contacted them. They responded quickly and spent quite a bit of time helping me troubleshoot. Turned out the problem was not their extension.

I Highly recommend them.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this application the other day and had it set up in no time. it works absolutely brilliant, i did need a little help with a couple of styling issues on my site so i sent a support ticket and had a response straight away, answered all my questions and resolved all my small issues nothing to do with the application just some styling on my site i also installed the module for this application as well which is free :) (so you can show the radius search in a module position) great job, i would not hesitate to purchase anything else from this company 10 out of 10
Reviews: 1
I love the way how the radius search application searches and display its result based on the geocode of entries. It does what it says, definitely a must have for your sobipro installation and your visitors will fall in love with it.

And the support was exceptionally good.
Reviews: 2
Who says only Apples products can be magical huh? This extension allows you to search through SobiPro entries, and then display the results based on proximity. And it does so without fuss and has many very well laid out options to limit and customize the search options. Installation is quite simple, but you do need to read the documentation, as it requires another extension, geocode, to encode the entries into latitude an longitude. Support from the developer is timely and extremely forthcoming. I have even been helped with a prerelease version, and needed some very specialized custom solutions that I was advised about right away. In one sentence, if you need geolocation to work well on your site, you will love this.
Reviews: 4
This extension and support is simply marvelous and while i am developing my website they helped me wherever they could. I think, no i am sure these MyJoom extensions have a great future for all people who take building websites serious.

Thank you for this very appreciated extension!
Reviews: 1
It looks great "out of the box". I was using sobi2 with their old radius search function. You had to use a separate db for geo coordinates, in my case, the entire US - 43,000+ entries! and all the coordinates where not accurate. Using google to help populate the form is very nice and you can search any criteria you want, street name, city, zip, etc... this is 100% better!! Great app. It looks like you've improved on everything that was missing. SobiPro is challenging, but it looks like this app is smart and easy. I also received forum support within an hour.
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