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Tree of Categories for Sobipro ModulePlugin

"The module provides specific category links in a Tree Widget, based on jsTree"

Tree of Categories is a module to show a simple Tree in your site.

You only have to specify the Section, and it shows the next levels of categories.

In a nutshell

* Multi-level list of categories widget
* Direct links to specific categories, to improve the site navigation
* Specify the Section, and it shows the N-Levels of categories
* Support for Category Statistics
* Based on jsTree

*** Statistics ***

It includes features to provide section global stats, for each category.

-These are the module parameters:

Tree Colapsed - Start the tree in a colapsed state.
Tree Persist - How the tree is persisting the status: cookie, Url localtion, or none.

Section - Section to show the next level of categories.
Menu - Menu (Itemid) to force an Itemid in the URLs.
Count - The number of items to display (default is 100).
Order - Alphabetically / Id / Counter Desc
Show Counter - No / Hits / Entries
Category List Mode - N-Levels.
Hide Empty Categories - Yes / No.

JQuery Lib - Add JQuery Library to the page. No, for SobiPro Pages.

*** Updates in 5.3.0 - Stable - 26th February 2014
* Feature: Bootstrap Accordion Layout
* Feature: Bootstrap Grid Layout
* Feature: Bootstrap Media Grid Layout, with Icons

** Updates in 5.2.0 - 17th February 2014
- Feature: Optimizer - Better Minification (stage 3)
- Feature: XTDIR_SELECT translation
- Feature: Control Panel Stats with addcslashes
- Feature: Better sid error reporting / load
- Update: 2014 Copyright notice
- Update: Improved DbBroxy
- Fix: Categories chained on dom ready
- Fix: Cronjob Joomla v3 check
- Fix: SP v1.1 counter compatibility
- Improved Help / New tutorials

** Updates in 5.1.0 - 9th January 2014
- NEW Optimizer - Javascript Loader (stage 2)
- Fix: Hide Empty Categories, based on entries counter
- Update on icons and style
- Update FontAwesome v4.0.3
- Update RequireJS 2.1.5
- Update Underscore.js 1.5.0, and Backbone.js 1.0.0
- Update FoF v2.1.1 - Framework on Framework
- Usability improvements
- Improved Help / New tutorials

** Updates in 5.0.6 - 18th November 2013
* Feature: improved level validations
* Updated: Compatibility review for Joomla 3.2 (Lib 2.1.2)
* Updated: Libraries jQuery v1.10.2 / jQuery Migrate v1.2.1
* Updated: Libraries Lo-Dash Underscore v2.2.1
* Updated: Libraries RequireJS v2.1.9
* Fix: JUri compatibility for Advanced Module Manager
* Optimized: Javascript Loader (stage 1)
* Usability improvements
* Improved Help / New tutorials
* Notices removed (statics)

-- Updates in 5.0.4 - 8th October 2013

* Usability review & improvements, new menu/toolbar
* Fix: SPBrowers SPCookie loader
* Support for Joomla 3.2 Alpha2
* Support for Framework on Framework RAD revC1A6D5A-1378494129 - 2013-09-06

*** Updates in 5.0.0

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Reviews: 7
I was pretty pee'd that SobiPro didn't come with a tree module like SOBI2 did, but luckily I ran across this from Prieco. Installed easily. Had a little styling issue which they promptly addressed and they massively extended the functionality by adding support for more levels. They rock! I wish would hire them to build out the rest of the missing functionality in their component.
Owner's reply

Hi Hawk,

We are glad to help!

Please, note we've just published a new version with more order options.

Warm Regards,