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Nested fields for Sobipro Extension Specific Addon

Nested fields plugin adds the ability to show the fields to the user - in the search and add/edit entry pages - in an inter-dependable manner and enables the administrator to set a field to show for each field option of the parent field.
The plugin is sobipro 1.1 compatible.
Example use case :
If it is needed to choose a location, it can show the fields in this order : country -> state -> city where it will be multiple select lists of states that will show based on the country chosen. Same concept will apply for the city fields that will show based on the state chosen.

You can see the demo here :
-> Search page Demo :
-> [ Category field is the parent field ] Add/edit page demo :

** nested field 1.1
- added sobipro 1.1 compatibility
- show multiple fields per option
- the category field is now supported

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Reviews: 1
It seems like such a simple feature, to have one field show based on what's selected in a different field (not talking about categories here) however this seems to be the only plugin out there.

Even though I found out from the developer that I'd just set the wrong class for the jQuery element to hide fields, after contact the developer I received a reply within 24 hours with an offer to sort it all out. 5 minutes later and he'd gone in and adjusted my settings. Very happy with the plugin and support. I'm shocked there weren't more positive reviews which is why I felt the need to voice my praise.