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Opening Hours for SobiPro Extension Specific Addon

Opening Hours is a field application for SobiPro 1.0 and 1.1. It allows you to display opening hours of SobiPro entries, annual closing dates, and an 'open' or 'closed' board indicating the next opening or closing time.

By adding a new field to your SobiPro entry form, the application allows the owner or administrator of a Sobipro entry to enter annual closing dates and opening hours for each days of a week in a very convenient and quick way.

And last but not least, Opening Hours applications allows to search for entries that are opened 'Now', 'Today' or 'Monday', 'December 24', 'Sunday evening',...


New in version 1.1! The 'Open' or 'Closed' board that indicates if the SobiPro entry is now open or closed (and until when) is now written with JQuery. This has two big advantages:

* The display is fully dynamic : the state is updated in real-time, even if the page is not refreshed;
* You can now enable the SobiPro XML view cache.

On back-end:

* Entering opening hours and annual closing dates is quick and easy thanks to ergonomic time and date pickers.
* Entering is facilitated by shortcuts : 'Closed all day', '24/24 hours open' and a 'Same as' function to prevent the entry of multiple identical opening hours.
* There are no restrictions concerning the number of periods of time used per day to define the opening hours (or annual closing dates).

On front-end:

* Opening hours, annual closing and Open/Closed board are displayed in your SobiPro view in a smart way too.
* Opening hours are grouped when they are identical for several consecutive days.
* The application can display a board indicating if the company is now open or closed, and until when.
* A specific message can be displayed.
* Annual closing dates are included in this computation.
* All words and separators used can be customized through Joomla language override functionality.
* Date and time formats can be customized by the administrator.
* Textual representation of the days can be full or abbreviated.
* Opening Hours can be displayed vertically or horizontally.
* SobiPro language setting is used.
* CSS classes and ids are set in font-end layout so you can easily use them to adapt display to your needs and design.
* You can easily translate the application using Joomla language files.
* microdata tags can be automatically added to your markup.

Opening Hours integrates into the SobiPro native Search functionality:

Once Opening Hours fields has been enabled as a Search field, it appears in the Extended Search block and can be used to search for entries by opening date and/or time. So a user can search and find entries that are open Today and Now, Monday, Friday at 1:00pm, or December 31 at 8:00pm...

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Reviews: 2
The extension really adds professionalism and value to your SobiPro site. It works very well and the backend is pretty intuitive, and it just adds that extra layer of polish.

The support is also very good and friendly, and I'd have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it to others.
Reviews: 2
Opening Hours is an excellent field application for SobiPro. It offers a variety of settings and takes into account the wide range of scenarios. Last but not least, the support can be no question unanswered. Perfect, many many thanks.