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Extended Products for VirtueMart

Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsModule

VirtueMart Products Extended shows related products and what other customers bought. It is a great way to increase revenues because you can show your customers what else they can buy, both on the product detail or in the cart. The module is based on a ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-23

Product Import for VirtueMart

Joomla! 2.5 Series 2 votes2 reviewsComponent

This is a very handy component for importing VirtueMart products from almost any XML feeds. It literally saves dozens of hours! The XML elements are simply mapped to existing VirtueMart fields and you can also create new fields. When importing VirtueMa ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-23

Custom Filters Pro

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready ★★★★½57 votes68 reviewsComponentModulePlugin

Is offering both a Powrefull Search and a Filtering module that filters with Categories, Manufacturers, Custom fields and Price range. It is very fast and highly configurable. FEATURES: ★Search A search engine that returns products with complex phr ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-23


Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsComponent

Generate product feeds (incl Google Feed, Amazon Seller Feed, Bing Feeds) from your VirtueMart Store. Output in XML or CSV and upload to your Google Merchant account or other. Also supports Shopzilla, eBay, Rakuten and many more.

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-09-22


Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready ★★★★★8 votes8 reviewsComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

VMVendor is a front end multivendor (digital or physical products) market place solution for Virtuemart2. Have your site members paid for adding and selling products in your shop! Here is a non exhaustive list of the exciting main features: Front end ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-17

Product Quick-Look for Virtuemart New!

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsPlugin

Virtuemart Quick look plugin is an advanced application that provides your store a new way of approaching products. Instead of taking several minutes to view details page, clients can view them right on product page with a pop-up window. This feature can ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-17

Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart

Joomla! 2.5 Series ★★★★½32 votes30 reviewsPlugin

One Page Checkout For Virtuemart plugin is 100% Ajax, available with 5 colors and 2 layouts (2 columns and 3 columns), auto IP Geo, Virtuemart2. One Page Check Out For Virtuemart Plugin - No HACK, 100% AJAX, Compatible with Virtuemart 2.5.x Feature ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-16


Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsComponentModule

VM API !MULTI! v1.2 by Allow others to display and promote your Virtuemart products on their websites. Features ... Supports Virtuemart Products, Categories, and Manufacturers. Works for any GET request like cURL, AJAX, file_ge ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-15

VirtueMart Pending Orders

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes3 reviewsModuleExtension Specific Addon

Ever lost some customers or get duplicate orders because the payment failed? If the customer cancels his payment from PayPal, an order is still created with pending status. Customers are not necessarily aware thay can still finalize the order and inste ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-09-12

Shopper group changer for Virtuemart

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 0 votes0 reviewsComponentModulePlugin

This VirtueMart extension let's you use Shopper Groups* in a brand new fashion. You can dynamically assign your customer to new Shopper Groups based on their purchases. On the administrator site, you can use multiple conditions to create new business ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-12

Advanced inventory for Virtuemart

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsComponent

Save some precious time with this advanced inventory manager. No more need to open each product one by one to update the stock level or modify the low stock threshold. With this extension, you can update all your products from one single screen via aja ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-12

Virtuemart Search Autocomplete

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 3 votes4 reviewsPluginExtension Specific Addon

This Joomla System plugin will add autocomplete function to your search field. Start typing and your products will showup directly. Options to show/hide product thumbnail show/hide product sku autofill with the first match and much more...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-12

Virtuemart Bonus products

Joomla! 2.5 Series 3 votes13 reviewsComponentModuleExtension Specific Addon

This component will give you the possibility to define 'Bonus rules' based on your customer purchase behavior and invite them to upgrade! Compatible with Virtuemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2 ! The rules have a lot of parameters that you define whether ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-12

Migrator for Virtuemart

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready ★★★★★7 votes7 reviewsComponent

Finaly a migrator especially designed for Virtuemart. If you are still running Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart 1.1.x your website is getting quite old. Old enough that neither Joomla not Virtuemart development teams are supporting this versions anymore. S ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-12

VM Auto Twitter for Virtuemart

Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsComponentPlugin

JO Virtuemart Auto Twitter is a simple but powerful extension for Joomla and virtuemart, that automatically tweets your new product to your Twitter page With our plugin, you don't need to go to Twitter website to update your messages, all thing you need ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-10

JO VM Auto Facebook for Virtuemart

Joomla! 2.5 Series 3 votes3 reviewsComponentPlugin

JO Virtuemart automatically post your product to your facebook is an add-ons advanced and easy for Joomla and virtuemart Component allows you manager accounts facebook and posts manager on facebook. Plugin allows you automatically post your product to ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-10

JO Virtuemart Social Share

Joomla! 2.5 Series 1 votes3 reviewsPlugin

JO Virtuemart Social Share is a Virtuemart plugin that implements the Facebook Like, Facebook send , Twitter, Google +1, Linkedin, Pin It, Stumbleupon, Addthis Share, Vkontakte Like, Vkontakte share buttons inside the Virtuemart products. This version ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-10

JO Virtuemart slideshow

Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsModule

JO Virtuemart Products Slideshow module is custom made module that display Virtuemart 2.0 Products Slideshow. It is very simple to use and adaptive to any Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 and 2.5 website. FEATURES: Work on Joomla! 1.6, 1.7 and Joomla 2.5 Native a ...

Type: FreeLast Update: 2014-09-10

BIT Check VATID for Virtuemart

Joomla! 2.5 Series 0 votes0 reviewsPluginExtension Specific Addon

While the validation of a European VAT ID used to be a built-in option in Virtuemart 1.1, this feature is no longer available in Virtuemart 2.x This plugin lets your customers enter a VAT ID and checks its validity. Features: - javascript base ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-03

Instant Product Search for Virtuemart

Joomla! 2.5 SeriesJoomla! 3.0 Ready 1 votes1 reviewsModule

When the content of a website gets richer and richer and there is no way to showcase all of your products on homepage, it’s time to equip a powerful search engine for your store. Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module helps your customers to look u ...

Type: PaidLast Update: 2014-09-01