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Emails for VirtueMart ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

The Email Manager is the #1 HTML email editor for VirtueMart. You can edit and update VM email content in less than 5 minutes!

Design your own HTML emails for each email type like "Order Confirmation", "Order Status Changed", "Registration", "Admin Order Confirmation".

Our latest version is compatible with VirtueMart 2.6.x

Main Features:

* Edit VirtueMart Emails with an HTML editor. Very simple and user-friendly interface.
* Add attachments to all emails.
* Add product thumbnails to order confirmation emails.
* Add CC and BCC to emails
* Send "order status changed" email only for selected order statuses.
* Add article content into emails with advanced tags
* Support advanced language tags from VM language files! (PLUS edition)
* Support separate tags for all Bill To and Ship To fields (new!)
* Possibility to completely disable emails (new!)
* New custom field tags from VM DB table (new!)
* Ability to add images/banners to emails (Marketing content inside your emails!!!).
* Dynamic data is injected into the email using Dynamic Labels (see example list under "Dynamic Labels" Tab above).
* Using custom database fields from your system (orders and user_info tables).
* Send a test mail for each email type before using it.
* FREE AWO Dynamic Coupons plugin (PLUS edition)
* Conditional content - customer segmentation (PLUS edition)
* Joomla compatibility: 3.x 2.5, 1.5
* VirtueMart compatibility: 2.6.x and older
* PHP 5 and up.

Gift Coupons created automatically with the new Dynamic Coupons plugin.

Are you giving out excellent deals? Why not inform your customers when they get their order confirmation? Don't only say it with words - add images, banners and more!

With VirtueMart Emails Manager you can easily edit the content of the emails being sent by VirtueMart using a simple HTML editor - no coding or hacking required!

The VirtueMart Emails Manager uses Joomla's default editor in order to provide full control of the email's look & feel and add custom HTML, tables, images, language tags, style and much more.

Gift coupons can be created automatically with the new Dynamic Coupons plugin (*sold separately!)

Want to become professional? Tired of editing VM language files? VMEE is the answer.

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Reviews: 4
This is a excellent extension. Recommended 100%. Easy, fast and configurable. All you need to enhance yuor shop. The support is one of the best supports in VM extensions world for me. Patient, effective... Good Work!!
Reviews: 2
Great product, making Virtuemart emails just the way you want. Love the integration with Awocoupon, which makes it possible to do personalised marketing for specific customers. The Interamind team is always helpful and quick to resolve any problems.
Reviews: 1
I have used this product on my website for over a year and love it! I am finally able to provide my customers with customized, professional "order confirmation" and "order shipped" emails. We even had an issue that we caused and the support team figured it out in no time. I highly recommend.

Best Regards,
Steve Peek
The Hummingbird Store
Spicewood, Tx
Reviews: 3
InteraMinds VirtueMart Email Manager is a must have! You simply can't run a successful business without it. Save days in coding. Fast, professional and user friendly. Cannot function without it.
Owner's reply

Thank you Mike for your professional review. We appreciate it a lot.

Reviews: 32
Using Virtuemart Email Manager in Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart 1.1.9 since Version 2.1.4 (b344) (June 2011). Now I use Virtuemart Email Manager Plus in Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.6.6.
Advantages: A lot of placeholders for letters, the flexibility to configure the rules of letters sending, many types of letters (Order confirmation, User registration, Product back in stock and so on). Ability to integrate with other extensions for VirtueMart with plugins.
Disadvantages: No Russian language.
Support: Operational and very interested in solving customer problems.
Use this component in combination with other extensions for Virtuemart for sending a letters to all customers with interesting proposals for new and additional products at discount prices (coupons).
Engaged in web technologies since March 2007. Use Joomla since December 2009.
Owner's reply

Zarkon you are awesome! Thank you for writing this prompt and detailed review.

Reviews: 3
What can I tell you about this component??
Only that it’s amazing, easy, super, great, must have…….

I had 2 problems.
1. I wanted that everything could be translated into 3 different languages
2. I wanted that the total of quantities ordered was shown
After a couple of mails between the support and myself everything was solved, like I wanted.
So 100% for the component and 100% for the support. They deliver what they say.

One happy customer…
Reviews: 1
It was so tiring to go through the html template files again and again. This extension makes it far easier to customize vm emails. It also has some very interesting conditional trigger functions. Support very fast and effective. Money well spent.
Reviews: 1
This is a powerful extension. I have not even fully explored all of the features of the package, but already I am impressed with the amount of customization you can apply to your emails. In particular the number of database variables that are preloaded as drag-n-drop options are quite good. For example, you can drag and drop multiple options for how you address your customers (username, first name, last name, etc.) You can put a single bit of code that adds links for all products in an order. The trigger system is quite good as well. We purchased the full package and I look forward to setting up a variety of emails to send to customers with special discounts and such. We had a few issues installing with our setup and the support from Interamind was quick and helpful. They do an excellent job - it's possibly one of the best all around extensions I've played with.
Reviews: 5
This component allows you to customise your Virtuemart emails and make them consistent with website branding.

Easy to use and Fantastic support! Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
A good extension that allowed the Virtuemart emails to be customised, even with the customer changing their mind the changes were easy.

I had a small issue and the support was excellent so I can recommend both the extension and the company behind it.
Reviews: 1
Superior support, good extension and a pleased customer. I had some minor modifications which needed to be done and some minor issues, but they answer quickly at Interamind. I will recommmed this extension to everyone.
Reviews: 1
I goofed up and bought the wrong version and tried to install it. Not only was my support email answered within a few minutes, they corrected my mistake, sent the correct version, and installed it for me! This is an essential addon for VirtueMart as editing VM language files is frankly a ball-aching chore that you don't need to deal with. Build the cost into your quote, and everybody's happy! :)
Great job!
Reviews: 1
i bought the extension and needed some help. i got the best support i have ever experienced. thank you guys!
Reviews: 4
I bought, I installed, I did something wrong.

Their support were quick to answer and quick to fix. Works perfect.

Btw. the extension itself is extremely usefull and easy to use!
Reviews: 2
The standard e-mail notifications is a drama (compared to VM1) in VirtueMart2. That's why every self-respecting shop owner needs a product/tool like VM Email Manager. It's really worth any penny and their support is outstanding (even outside "office hours").

We used this component for slick designed e-mail order notifications to the shopper added with valuable information. The shop admins get a stripped version with the necessary information for faster order handling.
Reviews: 2
I highly recommend everyone to pay the small fee to buy this extension! It is a great addition to Virtuemart which does what it promises ...and more! Furthermore, the technical support is fantastic.
Reviews: 1
It made 8 hours work with virtuemart invoice templates to 0,5 hour pleasure
Reviews: 2
This Extension saved me a lot oft time and work. Easy to use and good looking Emails with a maximum of flexibility. The exemplary Support of the Team is a further advantage.
Reviews: 1
I think the basic email sent from Virtuemart to customers is not good. This extension is a lifesaver :) It makes it easy to create perfect emails that look very professional. Also when in need of support you get a quick and friendly response.
Great work!
Reviews: 3
I was fine with this extension for three reasons:
1 - It 's really easy to use.
2 - It 'sa full extension and very pleasant to use.
3 - Technical support is divine, they follow you and give you any assistance.
As we all know the new version of the mail order vm 2 has really bad, I have this extension and (mostly) with the help of technical support are able to get the mail I wanted.
Now my mail order are really nice and all this thanks to this extension, and thanks to the great support of the technical support!
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