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Emails for VirtueMart ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

The Email Manager is the #1 HTML email editor for VirtueMart. You can edit and update VM email content in less than 5 minutes!

Design your own HTML emails for each email type like "Order Confirmation", "Order Status Changed", "Registration", "Admin Order Confirmation".

Our latest version is compatible with VirtueMart 2.6.x

Main Features:

* Edit VirtueMart Emails with an HTML editor. Very simple and user-friendly interface.
* Add attachments to all emails.
* Add product thumbnails to order confirmation emails.
* Add CC and BCC to emails
* Send "order status changed" email only for selected order statuses.
* Add article content into emails with advanced tags
* Support advanced language tags from VM language files! (PLUS edition)
* Support separate tags for all Bill To and Ship To fields (new!)
* Possibility to completely disable emails (new!)
* New custom field tags from VM DB table (new!)
* Ability to add images/banners to emails (Marketing content inside your emails!!!).
* Dynamic data is injected into the email using Dynamic Labels (see example list under "Dynamic Labels" Tab above).
* Using custom database fields from your system (orders and user_info tables).
* Send a test mail for each email type before using it.
* FREE AWO Dynamic Coupons plugin (PLUS edition)
* Conditional content - customer segmentation (PLUS edition)
* Joomla compatibility: 3.x 2.5, 1.5
* VirtueMart compatibility: 2.6.x and older
* PHP 5 and up.

Gift Coupons created automatically with the new Dynamic Coupons plugin.

Are you giving out excellent deals? Why not inform your customers when they get their order confirmation? Don't only say it with words - add images, banners and more!

With VirtueMart Emails Manager you can easily edit the content of the emails being sent by VirtueMart using a simple HTML editor - no coding or hacking required!

The VirtueMart Emails Manager uses Joomla's default editor in order to provide full control of the email's look & feel and add custom HTML, tables, images, language tags, style and much more.

Gift coupons can be created automatically with the new Dynamic Coupons plugin (*sold separately!)

Want to become professional? Tired of editing VM language files? VMEE is the answer.

Report Extension




Reviews: 5
Great customer service and support. These guys are working hard to create good stuff and support it. I have a pretty intense system and this component sends out really customizable emails.

I had a little bit of custom work and they did it for me without any charge. Pretty amazing! Thanks InteraMind!
Reviews: 2
Been using this component for a year now. Great component with great support. Saves a lot of time. Id recommend it to anyone!
Reviews: 4
Hi everybody,

the extension is great and neccecary for good Virtuemart-Marketing. Most of you already pointed out the quality of the extension, so I want to focus on something different: The responsiveness of the company. This is great also.

I was missing one little thing in the Plugin: I was able to put a coupon-Code inside a follow-up-mailing, which is very, very clever. My plan was to sent out a gift-coupon 14 Days after an order, the coupon should have a value of 15% of the original order.

This is a good way to motivate somebody for "a next buy". And all is working right "out of the box", this is what the plugin is developed for. There was just one little thing missing:

I was not able to use a variable to show the amount of the coupon. Meaning: I could use the variable for the order-total, I could show the coupon-code, but I could not show the coupon-value (15% of order-total). Sending this in as a Freature-Request directly was answsered and solved, this is great developement!

I love it to work together with not only great extensions, but also great developers who are open to suggestions as long as they are benefit to all, so I really enjoy it to use that extension(s).

All the best, julian!
Reviews: 1
I´m still using it since v2.1.0 and I´m happy about the very easy way to change the shop mails. But I can´t get the 1 mail for order message started!?!

But I would buy it everytime again :-)
Owner's reply

Hey stroedler1,
Thank you for your feedback. The Emails Manager is sold with full 1 year support. Please open a support ticket and we'll fix it for you ASAP.
InteraMind Team

Reviews: 2
I like this extension a lot, I have no idea why this kind of functionality was not added to the core of VM or Joomla. The Interamind team has created a very useful component that just works.
- The support is great and quick. I had an issue with not being able to generate a link for an image and the support team was quick in resolving the issue.
- Con. When you edit a template like [Order Confirmation] and click save the whole screen is refreshed and and then you are redirected to the first template which is annoying, because you might start editing something you should not be. Maybe an extra button to [Apply] changes and stay with the template you are editing is an option in future development.

- It is an easy module to setup, do not forget to setup the email addresses per template after you finish installing because you will not receive an email Order Confirmation if you do not.
- You do need to be somewhat familiar with HTML
- I use this component on a busy webshop and it is great. Especially because I can easily add advertisements, special offers or a new article in the email.
next step for us is integrating the VM Targeted Marketing component from these guy's.

Keep up the good work
Reviews: 1
Excellent way to edit the email's that Virtuemart sends out... I was just getting ready to start re-working Virtumart's HTML to customize my emails when I thought I should see if anyone else has done this yet... Imagine my surprise when I found this extension which does exactly what I needed and would have taken me weeks to code into an error-free solution... We all know that time is money and I am just as frugal as the next guy, but with the time I saved with this extension it was well worth the money as I can focus on other income producing projects... Oh, and the support is outstanding!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this great review. New updates are coming soon :)

Reviews: 2
I purchased this extension as an add on to their excellent VirtueMart reporting offerings which are also pretty much flawless.

I ran into a small problem (my misunderstanding) and they solved it quickly, even responding on a Sunday.

I'm more than happy to pay a fair price for great extensions that save me time and just work the way they are supposed to.

Owner's reply

Thank you. We appreciate your time writing this great review. InteraMind Team.

Reviews: 1
We were looking for an easy way to manage VirtueMart Order Emails and found that the VirtueMart Email Editor was perfect for the project. Easy install, great price and easy to use. We needed support to help customize the check process for the project and received it with good timing.

Thank you Interamind,

Reviews: 1
I had an issue with this plugin and was unable to install using my joomla install component (not interaminds fault). There support team actually manually installed this for me. I am overjoyed at their support and would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for that kind of dedicated support.
Reviews: 1
Thanks interaMind! Awesome product for VM, very easy to use and install, makes editing the default VM Emails a piece of cake.
Reviews: 1
This component is simply a must have for all our virtuemart webshops. Not only does it make the store look more professional, it also allows you to add and edit the information in the mail to suit your mails.

Another advantage is for webshops with multiple administrators, you can send CC mails of order status changes to each admin so for example the sales department can approve a payment and inform the person in charge of sending the product to the customer automatically.

Very worth the money, and very fast support too.
Reviews: 5
I was looking for a professional way to communicate with my customers shopping on VM. I found this extension, got it, installed it (very easy) and used it right away.
Even if I had a corrupted file within my server, their support immediately handled it quickly and efficiently!
Great job!!!!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this component, and had no problems with installation. I love the freedom and flexibility you have to edit emails, without having to hack the code. It's super simple to install. I did have one minor problem with virtuemart not pulling from the templates when I changed the status of the email. I contacted their support team, and they immediately helped me to solve the problem. The support team was great, even though my issue was a minor setting I needed to change in Virtuemart from Text emails to HTML emails. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!
Reviews: 1
I installed this extension to give a more professional look to my confirmation emails, which it does perfectly.
I had one small problem and support sorted it out very quickly and with excellent communication throughout.
This is why I rated this excellent as great extensions are sometimes let down with the support but not in this companies case.
Well done.
Reviews: 1
This extension is a must to have for professional shops. Normaly it has to integrate in virtuemart. However, i am very happy with emails manager and also with the support. After update i have little problems but the support has solve it very fast.
Many many Thanks to interamind !
Reviews: 1
This component is "the must" and allows you to send personalized emails to your clients. It's fully configurable and supports multi-language emails.

I'm very happy with this purchase. Supports is absolutely the best ! When i had a small problem with configuration, they helped me within 15 minutes after my request for support.

Thanx guys, I wish you all the best.
Reviews: 1
Easy installation, easy to use and great support. We were looking for something that would make our emails easier and more customizable and this was exactly what we were looking for. The support system is incredible and they get back to you super quick. Thanks
Reviews: 3
Just tried the new addon to this product, and as a combo (Emails for Virtuemart & Conditional Emails) they really are unbeatable. We can now send different content in emails for the various states, pending, shipped, cancelled etc etc. We can also send different emails or offers to users depending on their spend or product purchase.....genius.

Oh and just for the cherry on the cake, they have a support department that actually gets back to you and also accepts you might be human.
Owner's reply

Thanks Nick for this great review. You are one of the first customers who tried the Conditional Content in Emails. We will keep improving our products just to get feedbacks like these ;-)
Thanks again.
InteraMind Team

Reviews: 1
This product has allowed us to create some great looking emails that are sent out to our customers. With the ability to compose your own status change emails, this has allowed us to added special offers and product cross selling into the emails.

Support has been great!! Very prompt and even edited some of the files for us to enable the upgrade to be perfromed without any issues.
Reviews: 2
Emails for Virtuemart has been a fantastic addition to our website. The support has been incredible as well; I had a problem using it in Google Chrome and these guys went the extra mile to make it work for me. Love it!
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