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Emails for VirtueMart ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

The Email Manager is the #1 HTML email editor for VirtueMart. You can edit and update VM email content in less than 5 minutes!

Design your own HTML emails for each email type like "Order Confirmation", "Order Status Changed", "Registration", "Admin Order Confirmation".

Our latest version is compatible with VirtueMart 2.6.x

Main Features:

* Edit VirtueMart Emails with an HTML editor. Very simple and user-friendly interface.
* Add attachments to all emails.
* Add product thumbnails to order confirmation emails.
* Add CC and BCC to emails
* Send "order status changed" email only for selected order statuses.
* Add article content into emails with advanced tags
* Support advanced language tags from VM language files! (PLUS edition)
* Support separate tags for all Bill To and Ship To fields (new!)
* Possibility to completely disable emails (new!)
* New custom field tags from VM DB table (new!)
* Ability to add images/banners to emails (Marketing content inside your emails!!!).
* Dynamic data is injected into the email using Dynamic Labels (see example list under "Dynamic Labels" Tab above).
* Using custom database fields from your system (orders and user_info tables).
* Send a test mail for each email type before using it.
* FREE AWO Dynamic Coupons plugin (PLUS edition)
* Conditional content - customer segmentation (PLUS edition)
* Joomla compatibility: 3.x 2.5, 1.5
* VirtueMart compatibility: 2.6.x and older
* PHP 5 and up.

Gift Coupons created automatically with the new Dynamic Coupons plugin.

Are you giving out excellent deals? Why not inform your customers when they get their order confirmation? Don't only say it with words - add images, banners and more!

With VirtueMart Emails Manager you can easily edit the content of the emails being sent by VirtueMart using a simple HTML editor - no coding or hacking required!

The VirtueMart Emails Manager uses Joomla's default editor in order to provide full control of the email's look & feel and add custom HTML, tables, images, language tags, style and much more.

Gift coupons can be created automatically with the new Dynamic Coupons plugin (*sold separately!)

Want to become professional? Tired of editing VM language files? VMEE is the answer.

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Reviews: 5
Great extension and updates is Free!, and the support is effective.

recommended extension
Reviews: 8
I had a specific store problem that caused me to have to answer the phone allot. A simple note in a status email would have done he trick, but I was not excited about tweaking the core for such a simple thing.

Although this mod tweaks the core, it backs things up nice and tidy. And you know what? It solved my problem, and now I can further tweak my emails for marketing purposes.

Low overhead, excellent support (I had a problem with the Emails Manager interfering with a local ordering and updating system). These guys tightened the situation up in a matter of days.
Owner's reply

Thank you for this wonderful review. You are always welcome :)
InteraMind team

Reviews: 1
This extension installed with no fuss. I did this for a client who wanted WYSIWYG editor for VM emails using JCE editor. As long as files hosted locally and the site URL set correctly in VM, worked like a charm using a relative path to images. When I asked for help - provider was very responsive. I asked about using full path to images, even if images hosted on another domain. Provider promptly gave me a minor code change (and offered to make the change for me on my site). Basically, this was an a feature of the next release, coming out very soon. -- My client was able to make beautiful emails that totally match their corporate image. This is a simple-to-use, and very helpful little extension. Great Job!
Owner's reply

Thank you for giving us the credit! New release 1.1.2 is out there. Don't forget to upgrade your version... Its free!

Reviews: 2
Editing the VM Email Templates is really complicated - normally I didnt want my website to send html mails since there can be problems, so I edited the VM registration mails, contact mail from another component and everything else - just the Mail you get after you bought something in VM was to complicated and looked crappy without html - so I bought this extension. INstallation worked perfect, then I had some trouble finding out how to use normal mails for registration and html-mail / Email Manager for the confirmation - asked support - always got answer and useful help during 24 hours. Now all probelms are fixed and it worked perfectly. Really good extension!
Reviews: 2
Good component for easy editing the emails send to customers!
Reviews: 1
This extension makes editting your VM mails the most easiest thing ever!
I've had some troubles with the variables it calls, contacted support and had it fixed within the same day. So besides the fact that it's a nice addon, the support on it is also excellent.

Sander Weenen.
Reviews: 1
Exellent! This programm works very simply and fast. The Support is great!! If you have a Question or problems with this component these guys help you asap. Great Work! :-)
Reviews: 1
This is a superb extension i have come across. however, I would like to know if we can control the registration confirmation email that goes to the users after they register. So that we as administrators of the site can have a control to whom the confirmation email along with the activation link goes instead of sending confirmation email automatically. In short, we give approval to the users for their registration and send the activation link and then they log in on their next visit!

Can anybody shed some light here??

Owner's reply

Hey manddox,

Thank you for your warm words :)

The functionality you describe should be part of the core VM settings. Once it is available, the VM Emails Editor will support it.
The VM Emails Manager gives you the ability to design and edit the emails for your needs. Plus adding marketing content to emails you already send to your customers.

InteraMind team.

Reviews: 4
With a very professinal "super support" I have to be fully satisfied and for sure I will continue keeping an eye on these guys !
Reviews: 1
The extension does what it says, but during the installation core virtuemart files are changed. So "no hacking required" is not true - you don't need to hack the files manually, but files are changed.
Owner's reply

Hi zorkhh,
Thank you for your review. We do appreciate it!
By saying "no hacking required", we meant that the store owner do not need to hack VM files any more in order to edit the emails.
Also, during installation, we are a adding few lines in 3 VM files in order to give the user the ability to edit emails with HTML editor :)
We guarantee that no file is override!
Of course, everything is backed up during installation, and removed when un-installing the component.
Thanks again,
InteraMind team.

Reviews: 11
Does exactly what it says, allows you to easily customize VirtueMart emails. Had a small issue and found the support extremely prompt and helpful.
Reviews: 2
This is a must have for Virtuemart. Makes the weird looking order confirmation e-mails look like you wish.
The support is fast and precise.

I could be great with a help section on the homepage, but since this is a fairly new component it is probably on the to-do-list...
Reviews: 1
A really nice component, easy to setup and to use, comfortable changing of the three email templates, without amendments in directories and files. Additional it is always possible to use the default templates. It works perfect for me.

I recommend this component to everyone.

Excellent Service, fast, friendly and competent. They really care for their clients.
Owner's reply

Thank you Steffi for your warm words :)

Reviews: 2
Easy to work with. And so important to have your e-mails setup easily without programming anything. Worth every cent!
Reviews: 4
Just be sure to note, it does not do email marketing, this component only gives you easy management of the three basic emails in VirtuaMart.
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