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VM Registration Redirect Plugin

The purpose of this plugin is to redirect normal Joomla! registration links to the VirtueMart registration page. Allowing users to use the Joomla! registration page when you have VirtueMart installed causes problems for users when they try to purchase something from the store. They have entries missing in the VirtueMart folders. Using this plugin redirects users to the VirtueMart Registration page, ensuring that they have all the proper information recorded in the VirtueMart tables.

Change Log - Joomla! 2.5+ & Virtuemart 2.x Version
1.3.1 - Added multi-language support, added menu id field, fixed Itemid bug when SEF enabled
1.2.0 - Fixed issue with reidrection URL when cart is empty, Joomla! 3.0 compatible
1.1.0 - Fixed issue with SEF URLs enabled
1.0.1 - Initial release

Change Log - Joomla! 1.5 Version
1.1.0 - ItemID support added for registration links that have an itemID
1.0.1 - Initial public release

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Reviews: 4
Five stars! Easy, install and enable and you are ready.
Reviews: 2
After long search and tought to change the Joomla core, found this fantastic plugin. Very easy to install and it works perfectly after a while. Thank for having shared this plugin with the community.
Reviews: 1
A great plugin, does what it says, no fuss!
Reviews: 6
Many thanks for this !!
Reviews: 6
Thank you. Such a simple idea yet implemented seamlessly. Thanks for your effort it works wonders - and should be part of teh VM install.
Reviews: 15
Installs 100%, easy as pie
Enables 100%, easy as pie
Configuration, nothing to do, no hacking files no nothing.
IT WORKS! Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I've been struggling with how to combine Joomla Core Registrations with Virtuemart registration. I installed this extension and it worked like a charm. Thanks so much!
Reviews: 2
I was thinking that I would need to hack core files and found this little nifty plugin.... Great work guys and thanx for just giving it away!
Reviews: 4
I have used KC redirector for a while now since Beta versions and worked well....
the new plugin was installed only after realising there was one!!
great work from this guy.....and its still free!! unlike Sef404!!
Reviews: 8
Thank you! I have been waiting for this plug-in for a long time. Be certain to clean the Cache in your Admin back end if it doesn't work for you.
Reviews: 1
Works like a charm, nothing more, nothing less!
Reviews: 9
Finally something that works for me! Have had problems with this for a while, tried other plugins but had problems.

Thank you very much! I will recommend to others.
Reviews: 2
We just integrated VM into our site, which indeed created the problem of empty fields when purchasing something. Downloaded this plugin, installed, activated it and works like a charm right away. Great plugin, thanks!