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kBanners4VM ComponentModuleExtension Specific Addon

kBanners4VM is a banner management solution that works in conjuction with Virtuemart shopping cart solution. The extension is built to support the fundamental need to deliver targeted ads to users.
If you are running an e-shop, you will be offering various types of products to customers. They could vary from books to software to entertainment products to machinery. If a customer is viewing a certain type of product, then the business need is to target that user with ads which are relevant to the product type the user is interested in. kBanners4VM solves this problem by allowing site administrators to group ads in to ad groups and then assigning them to Virtuemart product categories.
The extension can be configured to display banners only in Virtuemart or outside the Virtuemart component as well. The banners can be set up as simple image banners or as complex html script.
kBanners4VM module acts as the ‘display module’ for the adverts and can be configured with a rotational delay. The module supports multiple instances to be installed on a single page and supports CSS class suffixes allowing the users to customise the ad styles in each of the module positions.

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