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GoogleBaseXML for Virtuemart Component

This Component generates a product data feed for your Virtuemart store. This feed can be uploaded to your Google Merchant centre account.

The product listing generated by the component is in XML format, and can be manually uploaded, or submitted to Google Merchant Center for scheduled upload. Once uploaded to your Google Merchant centre account the feed can be used for Google Product Search, Google Product Ads, and Google Commerce Search.

The product feed supports the all specifications required by Google (see the Google feed specification ) and also supports all the optional attributes such as size and color. The feed can also support product variants using Virtuemart child products.

The component has many specialist features to ensure that your feed complies with the Google Merchant Centre specification. It includes shipping information using the Virtuemart standard shipping module, and allows you to include GTINs, such as UPC or EAN product identification codes, which Google now requires for most products.

The demo link shows the data feed for our own site.

There are versions of this extension available for Virtuemart 1.1.x, Virtuemart 2 including 2.6, and Virtuemart 3.

Version 4.5.1 includes minor bug fixes

Version 4.5.0
Now fully compatible with Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3.

Version 4.3.0
Fixes some bugs with the language manager and also the currency id in the product url, also moves towards support for Joomla 3

Version 4.2.0
Adds support for VM 2.6, including new gtin and mpn fields
Adds support for Google identifier exists tag
Includes option to use the product SKU as gtin
Improved discount calculation

Version 4.1.0
Adds support for using stockable variant option names as Google attributes plus refinement in the way discount information is calculated.
Adds option to dynamically set the memory size.

Version 4.0.7
Adds check for !file_is_forSale for product image
Makes mimetype check optional for image files

Version 4.0.6 adds compatibility with the Virtuemart 2 stockable variants plugin

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Reviews: 9
At first this is an excellent product, but then as you utilise more and more of virtuemart facilities the cracks appear. That's fine if support or forum responses are good. But it seems that the way they deal with forum help is to say they cannot help and then close the thread so no discussion can be entered into.

After using this product successfully for 6 months it is a shame that support has let this down and I am now forced to look for an alternative.
Owner's reply

We most certainly did not close down the forum thread in which you asked for support - perhaps you were simply not logged in when you tried to post? The problems you complained about were minor details about the discount start/end date and shipping calculations. We were more than happy to look into this and asked for further information so we could look into this, something you seem to object to. You then emailed us with an insulting email but the only contact details you gave us were incorrect so we could not reply explaining that we would be happy to investigate if you actually gave us some information to go on. We have also posted in the forum offering to send you an update which might solve your problem, something you have not responded to. We go to a lot of trouble to support users, something which users have often thanked us for. I am sure that anyone reading this will have the intelligence to decide whether this really qualifies as 'poor support'.

Reviews: 2
I would like to say this google xml is perfect for virtuemart rss feed. The developer - Fiona Coulter is a very helpful developer and very patient on provide support service to me. Fiona, keep move on and i believe you can come out more great joomla extension in future. For this xml, I only can say that is BRAVO!
Reviews: 8
So much component tests before I found this one, and I use it since almost two years now, and it become better and better day by day.
All is conform to the require fields of google merchants recommendations, and you can tune as you wish with all the parameters.
For some others feeds I make the script myself, but for Google Merchant, this one is a MUST HAVE.
Reviews: 3
I just bought the version for new VM2, and it did exactly what needed for Google Merchant Account. I full recommend it !