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Virtuemart Pre-Order ModuleExtension Specific Addon

With Virtuemart Pre-order, you can get a deposit amount for your products that are out of stock.
The rules can be applied globaly on the cart, for all products or on individual products.
You decide how much should the deposit should be or if the customer can select a deposit.

Enable partial paiements in Virtuemart !!

Virtuemart 1.1.9 and 2.0 compatible

* Define a minimum payment amount (deposit) for each product or for the whole cart
* If there is no minimum payment defined for a product, the order is processed as usual
* When there is a deposit, the order gets a new status "Partial"
* Customer pays only the deposit if set
* When the order is processed (ie. shipped), the customer can go back to his order and pay the balance
* Works natively with all payment processors New!
* Works With PayPal API (not express checkout) New!
* Works with html form based paiement methods (such as PayPal) with very simple changes
* There is absolutly no hack to core Joomla or Virtuemart component.
* Administrator can select wether the customer can update the deposit amount or not
* Administrator can determine a minimum cart amount to enable deposits.
* Minimum deposit can be set as an amount or in percentage of the item price/cart amount
* Rule can be activated by shoppers group New!
* You can decide to implement a textbox or a radio button for the customer to enter his deposit New!
* Preorder class can be overridden in user class if you need additional configuration : ie change the deposit form
* Compatible with VM Emails Manager
* Show the preorder button for custom stock levels

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Reviews: 1
I've been taking a comprehensive look at this extension, and I must say it is a respectable job.

Handles a awesome amount of detail, allowing it to be applied in an immensity interesting situations. :)

Personally I can define it as a versatile extension of easy configuration and customization, excellent stability and robustness. A+
Reviews: 1
This is a very good extension especially for a wholesale website like mine. I didn't realise before i got this extension that a lot of my products had dozens of emails wanting the cart to notify the customer when the items come back in-stock, so with this new extension hopeful they will turn into sales. The support is also excellent highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
I purchased this product so that it could be used to take deposit payments for some products. The products sold needed to give the cusomer the option to part pay at the checkout.

I had an issue with the setup but Jeremy provided immediate support and even corrected the issue for us remotely.

Recommended !!!
Reviews: 3
I have been running VM Preorder for 4 or 5 months now and it has increased my sales tremendously. Now, instead of customers getting an unavailable message on a particular item, they are now able to make a small deposit (that I set the amount for) to save their place "in line". I used to just use the waiting list feature of VM but I sell a product that is quite popular frequently out of stock as I make more. Customers would add themselves to the waiting list and when I updated inventory, the e-mail would frequently be sent out to 10 or more people. Usually, the first few to get the e-mail bought out my inventory and the rest were mad. Now, they can pre-order and be guaranteed product as soon as I get it back in stock.

VM Pre-order installs with one click and no code modification and works great "right out of the box". You can set different deposit amounts for each product either as a fixed fee or as a percentage. The customer then has the ability to pay just the deposit or the entire amount if they prefer. If they pay the deposit, their order status is changed to "Partial" so it is easy to track who still owes.

Jeremy, the developer is WONDERFUL also. He lists his phone number on his website and has answered the phone just about every time I have called. When he doesn't answer, he always calls back in less than 30 minutes.

When I first started using VM Pre-order, I needed it to do things just a little differently. I called him and explained what I needed and he got right on it wiht the changes ready that same day! I gave him superadmin access and he even went in and installed it for me. The next day, he had that update on his site for the rest of his customers to use. THIS GUY IS DEDICATED to his work!

I would HIGHLY recommend VM Pre-order for anyone who is running a VM site that sells items that frequently are out of stock. It will increase your sales tremendously!
Reviews: 1
This is a well written component and the developer was quick to respond to an issue I was having.
Great support
Would purchase from this developer again.