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Virtuemart2 Multiple Product Images Upload Plugin

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You have to update your products frequently and feel tired of uploading images one by one? Sound like it takes ages to upload a full category, right? Don’t worry! Hundreds of pictures will be ready to appear on your website by just one click with Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin. The plug-in allows admin uploading multiple images at once without waiting for each single one uploaded. You can save a lot of time to control and manage your image store.

How it works

It is easy to install with just one click. In every product tab, user can choose to upload various additional photos besides the main one.

Virtuemart2 Multiple Product Images Upload Features

1. Multi Images Uploading
Browse all images that you want and click upload button.

2. Automatic Thumbnail Generation
Once photos uploaded, one thumbnail will be automatically created for each.

3. Easily managing images
Admin can edit, add or remove the images with buttons right next to the images.

4. Time saving
The multi-images uploading extension helps customers to easily access to the "Image" tab on the product detail page and then to upload images besides the main product image just by one click. It’s really a time-saving solution for your store.


- Reduce time consumption for uploading images one by one

- Easy to add, remove or arrange your images

- Easy to remove the image during uploading

- Auto-creating thumbnail images

- All photo-relating functions are integrated in product tab


VERSION 4.0.0 - Updated on 5th October, 2014

# Fix errors on Virtuemart 2.6

+ Update multiple image upload layout

+ Turn on/ off the auto save function

+ Update options with IOS 7 style

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