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Migrator for Virtuemart Component

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Finaly a migrator especially designed for Virtuemart.

If you are still running Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart 1.1.x your website is getting quite old. Old enough that neither Joomla not Virtuemart development teams are supporting this versions anymore.

Some other third party extension follow the same roadmap and is not an exception as we already stopped any further developments on those platforms.

This migrator, is a giant leap towards Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 2.x or 3.x !
Every Joomla core and Virtuemart content from your shop will be copied over. Here is how it works.

Install blank Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2 or J3/VM3 on the same server as your existing website
Install VM Migrator component and configure database access and file paths
Select the contents you want to migrate and hit the "Migrate now button"
Our system will copy and transform all the data to have an almost fully functional brand new website out of the box (some additional settings were not available in previous version of Virtuemart, you'll then have to configure them manually)
There is more! All the data will be transfered using the same ids. What does that mean? Well that means data integrity is preserved during migration.


If available, your Joomfish translations will be imported too !


Our sytem was run successfully on several shops with up to 20.000 products

No rush

Although this component will be a great help, your 'old' site is still running and customers continue to register, orders are created and you don't want to turn it down before the new website is ready.
You may have other components, modules, plugins and template that you want to migrate and we understand that can take some time.
No problem, hit the migrate button again and all new data will be imported so your data keep up to date.


Yes! The Virtuemart 2 Migrator is extensible and additional plugins are available to migrate data from other components such as AWO Coupon, iStraxx downloads, Alph User Points and more to come.

What is migrated?

Everything! Check by yourself:

Remote migration
Incremental migration
Virtuemart Configuration
Same ids
Tax rates
Payment methods
Shipment methods
User fields
Vendors: Multiple
Categories settings
Product attributes
Product types
Additional images
Related products
Waiting list
Orders status
Order history
Order payment method
Order shipment method
Order downloads
If you have the product download plugin from iStraxx, your downloadble products that you sell will be migrated too and the number of downloads remaining will be preserved

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Reviews: 1
Wow on a sunday afternoon I decided to start the migration from joomla 1.5 with virtuemart 2 to 3 and virtuemart 2.9 - installed but had a small problem with transfer of product images - emailed support and within 10 min on a sunday evening I get support reply - and constant feedback - end result, couple hours later the images are transfer and I am a happy customer thank you
Reviews: 1
Migrator did exactly as advertised. A couple of things didn't transfer. Jeremy was able to address the issue promptly.
Highly recommend this product!
Reviews: 2
I had made several failed attempts to migrate from vm 1.1.9 in the last few years using the in built migration tool. It never worked and it never told you why it failed.
Recently I knew I HAD to upgrade and had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to write my own migration scripts.
Then I came across this tool and thought, not expecting much, that I'd give it a go.
Miraculous. It worked brilliantly. My VM 2.6 site was up and running in about half an hour and I could later go back and just import new entries from the live 1.1.9 site once the 2.6 site was ready to go live.
Highly configurable. All errors and warnings displayed and logged.
If you need to migrate from 1.1.9 save yourself a lot of time and heartache and just buy it.
Reviews: 2
This extension saves hours, if not days or weeks of time. Simple to configure, easy to operate and works brilliantly.

A real bonus that the existing J!1.5.x content is also ported across to the new site. A little bit of re-jigging is required for some menu items and (if you're also changing the entire template, as I was) re-assigning module positions.

I migrated a couple of thousand products, plus several dozen web pages, all the images, dozens of custom module positions - all in a few minutes - Genius!

I encountered a small glitch following installation and migration, which if I'd read more and paid more attention, I should have solved myself - Jeremy fixed the issue very quickly with a clear description of which settings needed to be altered - Excellent, quick support.

Jeremy is a legend - this is an excellent extension and anyone wanting to migrate a VM (or even just a J!) website should just buy it - It will save you both time and money - lots of it.
Reviews: 1
Great component.
Saved me a lot of work.
Great support.
I urge all colleagues.
Reviews: 3
I had to upgrade an old joomla 1.5 site running virtuemart 1.19 and purchased this incredible piece of kit. It saved hours of time and much stress - support was incredible. I believe that this is one of the best extensions I have ever purchased.
What I had dreaded turned in to a manageable exercise thanks to this. My sincere thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 3
Before finding this component was afraid to migrate my site online.
I did not know the right way to make the trek and I was really desperate.
I contacted him to ask him some developers aqnche migration work but the prices were really high.
Then one day I found this fastastico component and mkiei eyes lit up.
This component solves all the problems of migration.
Just a few clicks and the old site developed with virtuemart 1 passes as magic in the new virtuemart 2.
The price is really good.
technical support is fantastic.
I highly recommend the component to people like me who are not expert
Reviews: 4
First I thought this was a VM only migrator but after I installed I noticed it migrates Joomla core stuff too.

Works very well, some minot adjustments manually! Saves me a ton of time. Done 4 migration successful now.

And Jeremy gives great and quick support!