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VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter ModuleExtension Specific Addon

VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter is a module for Joomla! 2.5/Virtuemart 2.x

This module allows you to display block with hierarchical select lists for categories filtering in Virtuemart 2.

Main features:
- construction the dependent < select > of categories lists
- allows set own label for each < select >
- assign result to some menu item
- load subitems via AJAX (if enabled)

in version 2012.08.11
- added categories ordering in dropdown list
- added possibility use AJAX for load subitems
- added caching

in version 2012.06.01
-allow define root category for current filter
-can be couple blocks with different categories tree
-small optimization

in version 2012.03.29
-fixed problem when shows not all categories

in version 2012.03.23
- added possibility set the reference to a specific menu item for a filtering result
- added possibility set label for each select level
- was rewritten JavaScript, now module use the Mootools plugin mooOptionTree ( )
- small optimization :)

The module is very simple, requires no complicated settings. Starts to work immediately after the switch on.

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Reviews: 2
All functions working well. Have a big SEO trouble. All virtuemart pages from this filter have tag link rel="canonical". Other pages, generated from joomla menu or virtuemart category module is noncanonical. It can reduce the traffic.
Owner's reply

this module do not change any links on the page and not makes modification in the HTML output,
AND the search bots not use this module (because cannot), so they not see these pages

so I see no any SEO trouble, related to this module

Reviews: 10
This module is important for every web store, its simple and excellent.
Reviews: 3
Great and lightweight category filter module, the best available in my opinion. Excellent support by Fedir. This is a MUST for every virtuemart shop ou there!
Reviews: 11
perfect module works fine thanks to the developer, would have been nice if the end user selects the category and it auto filters instead of clicking filter button
Reviews: 1
Thanks for give us this extensions; is very good, a test whith Joomla 2.5 and Vm 2, is perfect.

note: Not work the option: "Categories ordering"
Reviews: 1
Easy to install.
Fully reported category structure.
Worked as it says

It's not perfect, needs polishing, but the developer seems to be doing this with his updates.

Nearest other commercial plugin is priced at a hefty 60Euros although is further developed.

Overall a good plugin and at the price we can't complain!

Suggestions for future
- Set a level to which the menu is already collapsed e.g 3 boxes (allows for a 1-2-3 steps look)
- Allow a title for each level e.g Step 1 - Model and allow customization of box text
- BIG thing - integrate search results with joomla/virtuemart native SEF Urls OR allow an option that outputs a "No index" meta tag to results page so as not to flood google with dynamic Urls

I think one or two of these are being addressed, but after these, this could be perfect!
Reviews: 2
This module installs very easy and is very easy to use, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to show categories properly.
Owner's reply

check last version ;)

Reviews: 35
nice job man... just browsing and checking new VM 2.0
and this isone of the important features... this should be in their core!

keep up the good work