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AwoCoupon for Virtuemart ComponentPlugin

AwoCoupon for Virtuemart was created to fill a void and make Virtuemart Coupons easy to use and manage. Although Virtuemart has coupon capabilities, they are not extensive enough to cover what many people would call basic coupon features. AwoCoupon for Virtuemart fills this gap. Some of its features include:

+ Product specific discounts
+ Category specific discount (Virtuemart 2.x only)
+ Customer specific discounts
+ Trigger the use of coupons if a minimum cart total is reached
+ Set expiration dates for coupons
+ Restrict the number of times a coupon can be used by any given user
+ Easy management of all coupons
+ Language translations in Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Slovak, and Spanish
+ Language translations in Russion (Virtuemart 2.x only)
+ And more...

Now supports Virtuemart 2.x

*** For Virtuemart 2.0.26, this fix is needed to properly support number of uses restrictions:

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Reviews: 1
Hello,Such a you make a awesome extension.Its working excellent.
Good job keep it up.
Reviews: 1
This product works exactly as described and is an outstanding addition to our shopping cart!

When we ran into a slight technical issue with our specific setup, the support was top rate! I received my first response within a couple of hours of my initial inquiry and continued to receive correspondence with detailed instructions throughout the day until the matter was resolved. I wish more companies could provide this level of service and support!
Reviews: 15
I used the free version for some time and I was really satisfied. I eventually purchased the commercial version since I required some functionality from it, like the ability to sell gift certificates. I faced some problems setting up this, however the support was swift and solved all my problems immediately.
Great extension, excellent support, highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Although i'm a new to virtuemart it was too easy to use with no problems. Thanks for the nice component.
Reviews: 1
I tried the free version of this extension. Has a little problem and posted into the AWO's forum and Seyi replied very quickly, by checking my website backend, he solved the problem. The support is the best ever for a free product.
Reviews: 3
I bought the pro version for creating bulk discounts and it works great. I got hung up on some of the settings required in Virtumart to enable coupons in my cart, but the developer was very responsive with my questions. This is a must have for your Virtumart store. Thank you Seyi!
Reviews: 3
Free version is great. Pro version well worth it. Developer is a GOD, always there to help. Thanks very much!
Reviews: 2
I have a shop with more than 1500 articles, I offert multiple coupons capability to my customer. I install AWO Coupons with no problems, works very fine it allows you multples combinations, very fast and good support. A must have. ricou_born
Reviews: 4
Although the trigger part seems not to work on my site, but they made it possible to set the minimum value of coupon which is very useful and also thoughtful.
I like this component very much!
Reviews: 4
The product works out of the box and seyi made support one of the best experiences in joomla world!

absolutly great!
Reviews: 3
The product is easy to use, and when I ran into a small issue on installation they fixed it within 10 MINUTES FLAT!!

Nice job guys, and thanks for the great extension.
Reviews: 3
If you ever use Virtuemart for more than just a test, then believe me this piece of code is a must-have.

I work woth virtuemart for many customers and if you want to rock your website potential you must apply some feature and marketing actions, and this extension solve them all and allow you to work confident and safe in all situations.

Plus, i contacted them for a misconfiguration i made and support replied really quick, and professional.
Reviews: 6
Virtuemart's price is right, but their coupons are pretty lame. This led me to try a number of third party extensions.

The absolute best in terms of programmable functionality was AWOCoupon Pro. Their support is astounding as well. Can't go wrong with Awo!
Reviews: 1
AwoCoupon fills a giant hole in the Virtuemart functionality. I now have the control over coupon codes that I needed: expiration, # of uses per customer, application to select products &/or customers, & more.

Thanks for supplying a hi-quality module with smooth install!
Reviews: 1
A good solution for advanced coupons with virtuemart.
I really like the Parent coupon for combining multiple coupons in one coupon code. And with some virtuemart theme changing I made it user-friendly for customers to check for all the available coupons with one click.
Good help from Seyi Awofadeju with some issues.
Reviews: 1
After discovering the limitations of Virtuemarts stock coupon functionalities, I tried a bunch of third party extensions.

The best by far was AWOCoupon Pro. The features and configurability are almost limitless, and when I got stuck, the support was even better.

I received a patched version of the product to suit my needs, in under 12 hours.
Reviews: 3
Stop looking, you have just stumbled across a little gem.
I have been using this plugin on multiple sites for some time and have to say I think its great. actually its brilliant!
Nice and easy to set up and has a helpful active forum.

Don't be put of by the developers negative slogan. The software he creates is very good and solid.
The developer is active, responds quick, very helpful, friendly, forward thinking and listens and acts on the needs of its users.

If you're serious about your online business the pro version is a must have. You need this pluin! Offers so many options and has history of use, so you can see what works and whats a wast of your. Schedule start and finish time and CSV import is great, easily set up a marketing campaign and just forget about it.

Goes beyond coupons, You can also sell gift certificates as products and automates this process.

This really is a great plugin and can't recommend it enough.

If only every developer was like this one. Keep up the great work :o)
Reviews: 2
The component does exactly what it promises and the support you get from the programmer is outstanding!! I totally recommend it.
Reviews: 1
It helped lots of sales from my website. Prompt response for my questions and excellent service after sales. The functions added for update are very good too. Thanks a lots!!
Reviews: 1
We installed the free version of AwoCoupon. The user interface was straight forward and intuitive, we were able to get it running in no time.

The only slight inconvenience we found is the format in which the customers are listed: (user_id) surname given_name. For shop like ours which has a large customer database and which issues customer specific coupons, we are unable to select the customer quickly by name (by letter match) and have to scroll down the list to make the pick (fortunately, the list is sort by surname which makes scrolling less painful).

All in all, we cannot imagine running our shop without the features provided by AwoCoupon once it's installed!
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