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Virtuemart Sale countdown timer ModuleExtension Specific Addon

supports Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5, Virtuemart 1.1.9 and Virtuemart 2.0.
Added the functionality to display the timer inside the component area with all discounted products.

Do you offer discounts on your VirtueMart products ? This module can be very helpful to show the remaining time of your sale actively. It will showcase the product as an item on-fire and display the remaining time of the sale in real-time.

Its not just a module anymore (with recent update), it will also help you to make the timer appear also on Virtuemart product details and Category pages with every product.

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Reviews: 1
Thank you for this excellent module.
It works like a charm
Reviews: 1
Whatt! a support. The developer personally spoke to me to solve my problem. Quickly solved, and am a happy user. Thanks
Reviews: 1
great product which comes with a detailed guide to install and set it up. Efficient timer with very little weight on page.
Reviews: 1
I needed a little support to configure this correctly. They have great support must say. with little help I could set it up and running. Now its easy for me to create discounts, and the timers are automatically created. No Hassle.
Reviews: 1
I am using this timer on my site actively and happy with the product.
Reviews: 1
this one is great module for limited deal and they give best support, five star for you. really love this module
Owner's reply

Thank you clark for support our work. It was a pleasure to talk to you too.

Reviews: 3
According to the other reviews, I thought I'd give this mod a chance, but this mod in my opinion shouldn't be for sale yet, it needs a lot more refining. Configuration does not work, you need to manually alter php & ini files to get anything to work properly. Something as simple as changing wording is not simple. The countdown time is off by hours and support is lacking and extremely vague in how to fix this. Luckily I know php and css to an extent that I can make due but for the beginner this mod is not worth $35 and the pain you need to go through to get it working properly. Also their buy it now option does not send you a link to download automatically as they say it does, I had to write several emails to get the mod dl link... not a good experience at all. I suggest creating a config file that allows for easy alteration and modification, rather than the current setup. It'd be nice if you could modify within joomla rather than manually coding it after the fact. Should be free in its current state... $35 for what you get is a rip off, it's an incomplete/buggy mod.
Owner's reply

Dear Ben,
Your review is quite unfair, I would like to clear your queries yet again :
1) Altering php files : Please understand that one cannot overwrite Virtuemart template files (These files are not always common and its code is completely different depending on the VM templates used. It is only possible to use embed code to display the timer wherever needed. - This is a programming limitation and not possible through creating any config files as much as I understand)

2)The timer is not off even by a second - Infact The time is not created by the module itself, it is rather fetched from the Virtuemart discount parameters you created within the product discount list in Virtuemart. If there is such a problem, then it lies within your VM/Joomla misconfiguration on your webserver.

3)The module when purchased is immediately delivered - I did clearly explain that our purchases are instantly delivered to your paypal registered email address. This does sometimes get filtered in your Junk/Spam folders within your email clients/ spam protection engines. Besides that we do respond back to all our customers within 12-24 hours (considering timezone differences). - I did send you personal responses to you myself within 1 day I checked in logs.

I believe it is a misunderstanding on your part.


Reviews: 2
This was the only countdowntimer i could find as a plugin for Joomla 1.7 and VM2. It works great and the support was excellent! Thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks Walko for supporting us and let us know if you still need anything else in future.

Reviews: 3
A great tool for selling items quickly... Loved it!!
Owner's reply

Thank you Push Cart

Reviews: 5
Would you believe it! My sales jumped 15% after I installed this baby. Wonder why someone didn't think of this earlier. Great tool if you want to attract visitor attention to special products that you want moving fast.
Owner's reply

Thank you for supporting our work Alpdev, and your suggestions really helped to develop the product further.