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Virtuemart rewards points to money ComponentExtension Specific Addon

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NEW - support Awo Coupon Pro 2
Virtuemart rewards point to money for Alpha User Points is a joomla 1.7/2.5 component for enabling customers to change alpha points to money, generating a free-charge value coupon "on the fly", and storing coupon code as a gift coupon to use in the cart. In this way customers are able to pay orders both with alpha points or other payment method, or even together!

Please note, this is a part of our Virtuemart Reward Points extension, and it's available alone for the only pourpose of using with other alpha points rules.

The component "only" manages the "rewards point to cash" process. If you want to manage the inverse process, buy the AUP order to points plugin, available on the same site, or just the Reward Points Extension, that does everything and it's compatible with Alpha User Points and alpha points.

It is very easy to use, just create a menu link to that component, where customers will find an exchange free-charge value coupon. Customers specifies the amount of points to change and the component generates a code "on the fly". Just copy/past the code in the cart, or go to alpha user points account manager (both in front than in back end) to find the code in the recent activity.

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Reviews: 6
Great addon. Used it on VM1.1 before and now on VM2. Support is great as well.
Reviews: 7
I bought this to get away from having to manually reward customers after they reached a specified purchase level. It was very easy to install, documentation could use some work but is average, and it does not slow the site or interfere in any way with joomla or virtuemart.

The only problem I had was that I couldn't "step" points, that is have them expire X time period after purchase that earned the points. It was expire all points or none for the version that supports Joomla 1.5.x

After contacting the developer he refunded my purchase but then contacted me to let me know he had found a way it could be done. Within a few hours he had a new version that did just what I wanted to do. Great support, great product, it is so easy to use you will not regret the purchase.
Reviews: 3
This extension is totally awesome! Does exactly what it says it will do..and more. I wanted a fun way for my customers earn "points" at checkout, that could later be used to get a free product. I saw a few potential options, but none of them really wow'd me.....then I found VM Alpha Points. This extension takes the customer rewards concept to the Max Power. It's super easy to use, and their is so much freedom to design the look of your redemption coupon. Not the mention the super cute piggy bank. The demo is simple, you don't get directed all over the place and you actually earn points just like your future customers will.... so you get a first hand understanding of how it all works. Lastly, the customer service is off that chain... I submitted a couple questions, thinking ohh I'll probably hear back in a couple of days - Wrong...I got a response back in a matter of minutes and the customer care rep went completely above and beyond with helping me. If you are looking to bump up your companies customer service appeal and customer retention rates, and enjoy fantastic customer should definitely get this extension.