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Product Share Plugin


Product Share is a great Virtuemart plugin to allow visitors on your site can share products to their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest by implementing Facebook Like, Facebook Send, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pin It buttons.

+ Product Share has many configuration options so it works smoothly and flexibly: You can choose any buttons to show or hide, choose Font type, Theme type or Language.
+ Product Share supports multiple languages: Support total of 77 different languages.
+ Product Share is an independent Joomla system plugin so NO MODIFICATIONS to Virtuemart. Just take some seconds to install, enable and all will work easily.
+ Fully CSS controller so you can adjust layout of buttons area easily.
+ Compatible with both of Joomla 1.5 and 2.5, both of Virtuemart 1.x and 2.x.
+ Product Share works very well on all of current general web browsers: Firefox, IE6+, Safari, Google Chrome.

With Product Share, you will get more TRAFFIC for your site, so you will get more MONEY. I hope that you will like it!

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Reviews: 3
Great plugin and best service. They helped me to install and configure it, and take care of checking that it was working properly. If you have any problem with plugin you can be sure they will help you.
Reviews: 3
Great plugin. Simple and straightforward. The out of the box layout is neat.
Reviews: 3
I am very happy to say that this is the best extension I have ever purchased. The support is just excellent.
Reviews: 1
Works exactly how it should be. Customizing isnt a problem because of a great support. This plugin saves you a lot of time, just buy it for only $16 and let them do the job.
Reviews: 1
Rating is better than Excellent!

Support even through a Danish webpage! That so amazing!

The plugin it selfs is so easy to install, an it is working after a few seconds!

A must have product for your webshop!
Reviews: 3
I have tested several plugins. This is the best for my projects. And great support.
I will use this in every VM cases in the future.
Reviews: 2
Long time ago that everything is completely connected to social networks, with this tool will make life easier for our users, now with jus a single click you can share and recommend all products we sell in our store. Thank you Dinh!
Reviews: 3
A must have social plugin that enables your visitors to socially interact with your site and therefore your products. Easy to install and configure and excellent support from Dinh for the positioning of the plugin. Recommended!
Reviews: 2
I suggest this extension to anyone who would like their store to be more exposed to the public social network. Absolutely great and a must have extension!

Not just a product, the service is Awesome! The developer has provided the Skype direct support which is very convenience!

Very Good Guy and Good Extension!
Reviews: 2
I was looking for an easy way to add some social media integration to our new virtuemart webshop.

After browsing for some candidates I decided to purchase Product Share more or less based on the user reviews promising easy installation and “out of the box” functionality.

So, I bought it and followed the clear instructions and had it deployed in a couple of minutes (deployment is a piece of cake even for a novice user like myself). Unfortunately I didn’t see the results as I would have hoped as the plugin wasn’t displayed in my shop.

I send the developer an email on Saturday morning 4.00 AM CET and I got a reply asking for login details within 4 hours as the developer wanted to help me out right away. I provided the required information and 3 hours later I got another mail stating my “problem” was a minor template thing on my site and he fixed it. For me to check and confirm back to him.

Indeed, everything worked as I expected it and it’s really a great contribution to any online shop as it does what it’s supposed to do: Allow users to advertise directly for you on the most important social media channels.

Roundup: Excellent software and a support level that I have not experienced before (highly appreciated!) and the product pricing being very competitive make this a MUST HAVE !
Reviews: 3
Often difficult to find a great joomla ext that works as it should. Great value and great support. Many thanks
Reviews: 1
I run several SEO/Sharing plugins and this happened to conflict with one. The developer has so many ways to contact him it took literally 2 minutes to get in direct contact with him. He helped me fix my problem withing 7 minutes.

So from seeing that there was a confict to fixing it took less than 10 minutes with his help.

The plugin is as easy as installing. VERY little(if any) setup is needed.

If you're looking for a way to share your products this is an amazing plugin.
Reviews: 2
I suggest this useful plugin to everyone, it's very easy to install and manage and it work very very fine. thanks also to the support made by Dinh,he is a very high skill programmer and very kind and always ready to help you.
Reviews: 1
We've been looking for a product share plugin for one of our virtuemart websites for a while and this fits the bill perfectly.

The support is absolutely first class, we needed a few things changing on the plugin and they were completed within 8 hours of us buying the plugin.

Couldn't be happier
Reviews: 2
This is such a handy little plugin and most definitely worth your money. I had a conflict in my template that wouldn't let Product Share work, but the developer fixed my template for me immediately. Fantastic customer service. I emailed on a Friday night and had a response back on Saturday morning. THANK YOU.
Reviews: 1
Great Product and excellent support. Good Job Guys.I had a small issue and i had a really fast and good support. Now it work like a charm.
Reviews: 3
Product share is a great product - offering all the major social media options and an easy user interface to change which social networks you want to display.

It works really well, which already puts it above many extensions, but the icing on the cake is the support!

I asked if a particular function was going to be available soon, got an immediate reply from the developer, and it was implemented within the hour!

Great product, great service - Cheers!
Reviews: 1
Excellent Product, easy to install. finally i found something that works and good price. Its first time i have bought Joomla Extension but its worth it. I got Excellent support from the developer.
Very smart and intelligent.
Thank you for all your help.
Reviews: 2
I installed the plugin productshare and is perfect, easy to install and configure. Gives a professional look to the page. And it integrates very well with the design. As always Giang is there for when you need. I have no words to describe how good and professional Ossulution extensions are.
Excellent technical support.
Excellent documentation.
Excellent price.
Do not go looking for more!
Product Share is the best social plugin for virtuemart.
Reviews: 3
This is an awesome easy to use extension for your site. It has multiple options of adding buttons like FB, linkedin etc. and even pinterest. Love the extension and the support is amazing.
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