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Discount OnClick for Virtuemart ComponentPlugin

We present the smartest marketing tool for virtuemart.
Discount OnClick for Virtuemart is the ultimate extension to attract new customers, maintain existing ones and increase your sales dramatically.

The logic is based on that internet users when it comes to buy something, for the most part , they visit the product more than 3 times to see more features , price , any offers etc.
This is exactly the advantage Discount OnClick for Virtuemart. Each time a customer visits the same product for more than X times automatically gets a discount specified by you.

For example : Let's assume that as a manager you want to give 10% discount on product "hammer" but not to all customers , only to those who " apparently " interested. I am user user1 and want to buy a hammer. The first time i visit and see its characteristics. The second time i visit "hammer" i automatically get a 10% discount valid for example for the next 2 hours with a countdown that shows me how much time remains until i catch the offer! You do not need anything else. I'll buy it directly lest i lose the bid.
Besides the discount, a countdown is displayed, until the date and time that is available. Also you are able to add your own text above the countdown, something like "BUY IT NOW. Don't miss it!".

Easy installation , easy management.

The package consists of 1 component and 1 plugin and is licensed per domain.
It works for registered users but also for guests! This has the positive that if a user enters the site as a guest after X clicks he will get the discount. If he then login in his account, he sees the deduction.

You can create as many rules as you want to give discounts , after X clicks, with the necessary duration.

Example of creating a rule :
1. Enter the name of the rule (not seen anywhere except in management)
Two . Select products that will apply the rule
Three . Select the amount and type of discount (full or percentage)
4. Enter the date and time by which the discount will be provided
5. Complete the number of clicks, after which the discount will appear to the user.
6. Published rule. Then sit back and wait for the sales!

The smartest way to promote your site and your products . X clicks and the sales increase dramatically!

Options - Features:

Easy installation with default joomla installer.
No core code hacks.
Has its own CSS. You can customize it as you want.
Unlimited rules
Build rules in seconds
Customizable text for "BUY NOW".
Disounts are applied directly on products and the discount is visible on cart
When the countdown stops the page refreshes automatically and the discount disappears
and many more...

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