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Virtuemart Import Images as Products Component

This is a great component to add products into Virtuemart by using images as input data. Suppose that you have 1000 (or more) images and you want to add them for corresponding 1000 products in Virtuemart, then this our component will help you to do that. Just need some clicks, enter general neccesary information, you have have all things you need fast, exactly.

Main features:
+ Allows you to enter information for all products on only one screen at the same time with all default information which are pre-defined. Suppose that you have a category with many of products which have same information (category, price, product in stock, attributes/custom fields, length, width, height, length, etc.). Then you just need to enter this information ONLY ONE TIME for all products, they will be used for all products.
+ Allows you to choose product currency.
+ Allows you to choose product categories.
+ Allows you to add attributes (Virtuemart 1.x) and custom fields (Virtuemart 2.x) for products.
+ Option to add image name to product name and product description.
+ Option to create thumbnails automatically base on pre-defined width and height.
+ Multilple languages import support: So when import, you can choose any language which is installed on the site to import. (Virtuemart 2.x)

The component is designed to work with both of Virtuemart 1.x and 2.x. It will save much of your time for creating a big amount of products for your website. So we are sure that you will like it!

Please read some our clients's reviews below to find out more.

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Reviews: 24
This component is amazing, it saved me a lot of time importing a large amount of products and it works flawlessly. The support is very fast. I truly recommend it to anyone using Virtuemart... Thanks again for creating a terrific time saving component!
Reviews: 2
A must have component that saved me a lot of time for importing products. Works perfect. I had some little problems with the use of the component but the support team was great and responded in a few minutes. Great Job!
Reviews: 2
this component save my time from uploading one by one product for a bulk product
usually i take a couple of hours to upload a hunderds of products,

but with this component i only need a couple minutes to upload a hunderds of product into my store
its very easy to use, somemore you can config the default value for each field of your product

as i state on the title, this component is a must have component for people who are using virtuemart and have a bulk product that need to upload into your site

the support by joomdonation also very excellent, they support you every working hours, you can even chat directly with their developer, which this is the first time i can talk with the developer and ask their help when i have a problem

actually i have no problem at all with this component, but i chat with their developer to make a few customation for my need, and they help me without cost me more than the component price

i'll recommend people to use this component for sure

thank you
Robin Tan
Reviews: 2
This extension is a real time saver. Searched high and low for the right extension for my client who is a photographer and this extension saved the day. Thanks Guys! The seller is also extremely helpful and offers fantastic support.
Reviews: 5
I have years working with virtuemart. Really don't know nothing about programming so I have pay before several times to make the work of writing an script to upload images as products in many shopping carts for customers.
Now Joomdonation comes with this "Needed and Necessary" for anyone working with virtuemart as shopping cart. This new component place virtuemart in same position as any other sole shopping carts in the market, with the advantage of joomla as CMS.
So tons of work done with this component in just seconds. Amazing.
For the price is as I said to the developer a present so thousands can afford it, also a nice accomplishment.
The support made some changes so it can work with custom attributes and can upload now two images for each product.
Now make a pro shopping cart is really easy and quick with this component.
Thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 2
Great component!
I had a lot of images to import and with this component I did it with three simple steps. And even had the possibility to define default attributes for all images.

remarkable support team!
Reviews: 3
This tool is saving us so much time. We deal with many small handmade products and listing them took a long time, which we now cut from many hours down to minutes. The price is great. Easy to use. I'm Happy!
Reviews: 1
I had a few problems with this component when I first installed it. However the response from the developer was fantastic. They took me through every step needed to get it working, and now it works perfectly.

The developer has a brilliant ticket system and is available on skype so you can discuss issues you have and resolve them.

I would definitly recommend this extension I had never had so much help and support in getting an extension working and all set to my requirements.

Normally I find that an extension is to a generic standard and if you need it to do something else you have to modify it. On this I have asked for and received a top product working better than any other item I have downloaded. This isn't my first commercial extension, however after the service and support offered, I doubt anyone can beat their service.

This will even work to help sort out some of the issues on the VM2 release with issues on custom fields. You can add them to your item as you import them, thus saving a lot of hard work later.

If you need to put products on your site without messing around with CSV files then you should definitly get this extension.
Reviews: 3
With this component you can add lots of products in a second, very easy, thanks giang,for the great support,
Reviews: 1
I purchased this product as i had 300+ items to enter my Virtuemart (gave up after 30 doing it one by one). This product saved me so much time.

Because i was using the non-stable virtuemart 2.03 i had a minor bug. I got instant response from the developer who logged in my site and fixed all problems even with changing the component itself a bit so it will fit my site! you dont find this costumer service everywhere.
You wont be sorry! thanks again!
Reviews: 2
This is maybe one of the best extensions I used over the past years and I use a lot. I was surprised about the possibilities and fast import. Had one problem after importing but owner helped me out within a few minutes after sending a ticket. This extension is a must for everyone having a Virtuemart website with lots of products. I was the most surprised to find out it is even possible to create attributes and options for the bulk of products which should me imported and this makes this extension "two in one": you can even use it as a "Bulk attributes and options importer". Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Thanx Giang for this wonderful and lovely component. God bless you. I have to upload more than 3000 images which was giving me goosebumps and nightmares. Your component solved the problem. All you guys there struggling with VM uploading one at a time - my suggestion is do not try to invent or discover the wheel. Buy this component and take Giangs help. You would be over with uploading in seconds not minutes. Giangs response is like SWAT. Precise and surgical. I am planning to take his help in furthur developing some components for me if he has some time available in his busy schedule.
Reviews: 3
I am really happy because this remarkable component has saved me dozens of hours of work, further technical support is high quality and fast in a short time helped me with some technical problems and I'm giving my customers a high quality work in less time than expected.

Thanks and congratulations for your excellent work!
Reviews: 2
The component is excellent and the support is brilliant.

I had a few problems and he solved in a short time.
Reviews: 1
An excellent Component that save me a LOT of time!
I have to create many catalogs in VM and this component did the job with some clicks!
Reviews: 6
Let me first say that I usually don't write reviews and I usually never consider commercial extensions that have no ratings yet but I don't regret buying this extension at all! It is money well spent.

I needed a way to add a few hundred products to my site (its a photo sales site) and adding one at a time is crazy slow.

This component works like a dream, out of the box, and has the potential to save me a lot of time. The only thing that was missing for me was the attributes fields as each photo comes in different sizes and I would then have to go and add those all in manually - so I contacted the developer on his gtalk and his response was immediate. We spent a few minutes discussing my problem and reached an agreement for him to add the required features at a very reasonable cost.

The extension is great but the support from this developer is excellent!