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CSV Advanced Component

CSV Advanced is a power, flexible and friendly component, allow you to import data for Virtuemart. With CSV Advanced, you can import anything from CSV file to Virtuemart. The component is designed to be compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.x. It also works well with both of PHP 4 and PHP 5.

+ CSV Advanced support totally of 13 import types so you can import all essential data into Virtuemart and your site will be ready for LIVE:
1. Calculation Rule Import
2. Category Import
3. Coupon Import
4. Custom Field Import
5. Manufacturer Category Import
6. Manufacturer Import
7. Media Import
8. Order Import
9. Order Item Import
10. Product Import
11. Rating Import
12. User Info Import
13. Waiting List Import

+ CSV Advanced is very friendly and easy to use. It supports mechanism templates so you just need to manage templates and proccess import anytime that you want. All your settings for a template will be saved so you can re-use later easily.

+ CSV Advanced supports total of 358 information fields corresponding to 29 tables of Virtuemart. By intelligent fields management mechanism, you can Add/Remove fields to/from corresponding template easily and fast.

+ CSV Advanced support multiple languages import. As you may knew, Virtuemart 2.x supports multiple languages to store information. So CSV Advanced allows you to import data to corresponding language table in database. It means that if you have data in some different languages then you are able to import all of them into Virtuemart easily.

+ CSV Advanced has many options so it is very flexible and friendly:
1. Auto detect delimiter or not.
2. Field Delimiter: Enter a unique character that separates each field.
3. Text Enclosure: Enter a unique character that encloses each field.
4. Use headers as configuration or not.
5. Skip first line or not.
6. Overwrite existing data or not.
7. Ignore non-existing items or not.
8. Skip default value or not.
9. Category separator: Use to separate category.
10. Category child separator: Use to separate child category.
11. Custom fields separator: Use to separate custom fields.

CSV Advanced will do amazing import and save much of your time.

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Reviews: 1
This seemed a decent tool until I purchased it...
It is too basic and not flexible enough, it does not allow you to associate the DB fileds with the spreadsheet columns and it not allowing to perform a mass update within Virtuemart itself after you have imported the products.
$30 is not a lot but for something that does a lot of things but none of them good its not worth it.
Reviews: 1
I strongly suggest CSV Advanced as the best extension for bulk importing massive data (products, categories, manufacturers, etc.) into Virtuemart, by using a standard CSV text file.
Thanx to CSV Advanced and its support team I've imported about 5k products in a snap.
GREAT extension (CSV Advanced) and GREAT support team (thanx Giang).
5 BIG STARS for sure!!!!!

Nicoletta Rapetti
Reviews: 2
5 Stars simply isn't enough. Turns a full time job into a simple process. Highly recommend this extension!
Reviews: 1
I was initially hesitant to this product and was worried about service and quality.
I finally ventured to buy and try this product.

at the beginning I used it on a few bugs and found my direct complaints.

but its unexpected turns fast response and can help customize all of what I want so my web exactly what I expected and good.

giang thanks for his service, your service really is very satisfying

do not hesitate to try this product because in service by outstanding people :)
Reviews: 1
This is a truely amazing product. I had a lot of new products to load onto my already existing e-shop. It was done quickly and easily! Thank you for the most amazing support from Dinh who was available and helpful! I am extremely happy with the product and will continue to use it for more new products!
Reviews: 1
This is not a proper review, I never write those. But I have to give props if someone has helped me out like Dinh did. :-)

I bought this extension to save time not having to build an import function on top of Virtuemart for csv files myself. There was one problem with the extension that I could not solve quickly (without having to look at the code). After checking the support forum turned out this needed a small custom change on the code. I applied and Dinh was very quick to help me out on Skype for a very reasonable price.

Thanks again Dinh!
Reviews: 1
Was looking for an extension to import 500 products extracted from an ASP website into an online catalogue website using VirtueMart.
Quickly picked one and yeah, it's been my right choice ever.
The component is so good, it can automatically generate associated info/columns of other tables.

Due to the lack of detailed documentation, I was seeking some helps from Giang. The customer support was responsive. Overall fully satisfied with the service.

Gave him some suggestions, I believe the future version will tackle all current cons.
Reviews: 5
Excellent extension & great support. Thanks for greate job :)
Reviews: 1
This plugin help me a lot and save a lot of time. Its very easy and can do many things. The support is great and very helpful.Thanks a lot!!!
Reviews: 2
This component is THE BEST TIME SAVER.

Best $ I've ever spent. Great job Giang, the best customer service !!!
Reviews: 1
The extension and support were great, saves us a lot of time with product imports. Highly recommended - support are quick to reply to any questions :)
Reviews: 1
The component it's easy to use and customable. The support are very efficient, they replied to all my questions quickly and they helped me to work with the component.
Reviews: 1
This product, once configured correctly is excellent. However, the configuration is understandably quite time consuming and combersome.
As your working with CSV files it is quite unforgiving when it comes to mistake.
The customer service at times has been excellent but reently has been slacking (I'm awaiting support for 3 weeks and counting for one issue).
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for your nice work, great service.

Well done Giang!
Reviews: 3
The extension is easy to install, the documentation is very good and the support is really excellent!

Twice I needed support, and the developer solved the problem in minutes!
Reviews: 1
I recently purchased CSV Advanced to populate almost 1700 products into a Virtuemart shop. I was having some issues with the pricing import and image import.
The issue turned out to be confusion between CSV import field format. Giang was very helpful in sorting out the issue.He gave an excellent Support through skype.

Great product !....Great Support !............The best csv upload on the market !......Highly recommended !........
Reviews: 1
Easily the best csv upload on the market, I have used others but nothing was as easy as this and the support was really great
Reviews: 1
I purchased CSV Advanced a month ago and I've been very pleased with this extension. The best part is Giang support and service when needed.

I recommend this extension to all!
Reviews: 1
I purchased CSV advanced and thanks to great support of Giang I solved all problems.
More of one time he gave me an excellent support.
Reviews: 4
I recently purchased CSV Advanced to populate almost 700 products into a Virtuemart shop. I was having some issues with the pricing import. The issue turned out to be confusion between virtuemart_vendor_id and virtuemart_manufacturer_id. Giang was very helpful in sorting out the issue, talking with me on Skype as my site wasn't publicly accessible.

Highly recommended.
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