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CSV Advanced Component

CSV Advanced is a power, flexible and friendly component, allow you to import data for Virtuemart. With CSV Advanced, you can import anything from CSV file to Virtuemart. The component is designed to be compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.x. It also works well with both of PHP 4 and PHP 5.

+ CSV Advanced support totally of 13 import types so you can import all essential data into Virtuemart and your site will be ready for LIVE:
1. Calculation Rule Import
2. Category Import
3. Coupon Import
4. Custom Field Import
5. Manufacturer Category Import
6. Manufacturer Import
7. Media Import
8. Order Import
9. Order Item Import
10. Product Import
11. Rating Import
12. User Info Import
13. Waiting List Import

+ CSV Advanced is very friendly and easy to use. It supports mechanism templates so you just need to manage templates and proccess import anytime that you want. All your settings for a template will be saved so you can re-use later easily.

+ CSV Advanced supports total of 358 information fields corresponding to 29 tables of Virtuemart. By intelligent fields management mechanism, you can Add/Remove fields to/from corresponding template easily and fast.

+ CSV Advanced support multiple languages import. As you may knew, Virtuemart 2.x supports multiple languages to store information. So CSV Advanced allows you to import data to corresponding language table in database. It means that if you have data in some different languages then you are able to import all of them into Virtuemart easily.

+ CSV Advanced has many options so it is very flexible and friendly:
1. Auto detect delimiter or not.
2. Field Delimiter: Enter a unique character that separates each field.
3. Text Enclosure: Enter a unique character that encloses each field.
4. Use headers as configuration or not.
5. Skip first line or not.
6. Overwrite existing data or not.
7. Ignore non-existing items or not.
8. Skip default value or not.
9. Category separator: Use to separate category.
10. Category child separator: Use to separate child category.
11. Custom fields separator: Use to separate custom fields.

CSV Advanced will do amazing import and save much of your time.

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Reviews: 1
Never bought an extension with such good help from the person who created it. Really a good extension to import stuff trough a CSV file.
And is there is a little problem... No worry. You can get the help you wanted.
If you need a extension to import from a CSV file.. Dont look further. Buy this one !!!
Reviews: 1
Thank You. i am really happy having purchased this extension, it is easy to install and i have been given the best possible support.
Keep it up.
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for your nice work, great service.

It saved me a lot of time. For myself it's worth more than the sum i have paid.

Well done Giang!
Reviews: 2
Superb support,
easy to install,
easy to use,
works perfect.
Reviews: 1
I am really happy with this component and recommend it. It works as stated and saved me countless hours messing around with other solutions.

Straight forward and very versatile.

Great product.

Support is quick and response from the team helped as needed.
Reviews: 1
What can i say? So easy to install, and works excellent, solves every problem VM users like me have and support is just top of the line. Had a little issue with price importing and Dinh Giang was helping me through Skype in a matter of minutes. He even went in to my back end to fix the little problem since my VM wasn't updated. Best support i have received from a joomla extension ever. Keep up the good work Dinh. 100% Recommended!
Reviews: 1
An excellent time saving product. Moderately difficult to set up as you would expect from such a product but I cannot fault the customer support available.
Reviews: 1
Dinh helped me out with my problem. He is a great service provider. I usually don't pay for extensions but if you have to mass upload procuts, I STRONGLY recommend buying this extension.
Reviews: 1
Not only is this an amazing product but the service was the best I have ever had with any Joomla product. The developer gave me his Skype address to walk me through the issue I was having. Couldn't ask for a better product and service.
Reviews: 1
I had been searching for weeks to find the best way to upload full product data of thousands of items to the VirtueMart DB. I had quotes for as much as $25,000 USD to do the job, or others who wanted between $0.50 - $1.00 per item - LOL!!!
With the help of CSV Advanced and the great support I received - I'm uploading multiple .csv files with thousands of products and full specs along with the corresponding image files in no time flat.

This is nothing short of great software. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 1
I was having trouble with the import of my csv. Giang helped me within 24 hours via Skype. Turned out I saved my CSV wrong. Giang took the time to help me out even though it was my own mistake that made CSV Advanced not work. After fixing the CSV all was imported within seconds.

Excellent extension which saved me a lot of work
Reviews: 1
Works like charm. At the beggining i made a stupid mistake by myself in the csv, but the support was awesome and Dinh solved it in 10 minutes, although it was my fault.
Really recommended.
Reviews: 1
With this extension you can import whatever you want in virtuemart.
The support is quick, kind and efficient.
I'm really satisfied.
Reviews: 1
I used this extension while upgrading site from old version to new version. The developer helped me a lot at every step during all operations. Please use this extension if you want to import products. It is very useful extension.
Thanks For All Help
Reviews: 1
Thank you Giang for your great support. Keep up the good work !

Reviews: 1
Love the extension.

Makes life very easy, I can manage my products on a csv now and import them at the click of a few buttons.

Support is proactive and amazing, never seen anything like it!!

Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 1
I am using CSV Advanced for my web catalog with over 2000 products. In the first time I had some questions about the import. Dinh Truong Giang has answered all my question via Skype and email.
Absolutely great product with excellent support.
Reviews: 1
I can't understand the glowing reviews for this extension. I have spent 20 hours trying to get this extension to work but alas to no avail. I have thousands of products to upload to virtuecart and I was really hoping this would be the answer, but it isn't. The documentation is vague at best and poorly written at worst.

Don't waste your money
Owner's reply

I am reading your reivew while I don't know who are you. I am not sure if you purchased this my extension from our official site and sent the support request to the correct email or not. Can you re-check if you already did the following things:

1. Purchased CSV Advanced from our official website.
2. Sent the email to our correct support's email or correct ticket category in the Ticket system.

I always check the support emails everyday and always reply them within 24 hours. I just re-checked all the email that I got for CSV Advanced but I didn't see any emails which can be from you. Can you please re-send the email to our email at so I can know who are you.

I still would like to assist you to import product from CSV file into Virtuemart by using my CSV Advanced. Please contact me with a correct email so I can help you.

Hope to see it from you soon.
Thank you so much!
Sincerely, Giang

Reviews: 1
I had some problems with my webshop and integration CSV advance. I used skype and Dinh helps me very very good and it was at sunday!

Thank thank you very much for your help
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