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CSV Advanced Component

CSV Advanced is a power, flexible and friendly component, allow you to import data for Virtuemart. With CSV Advanced, you can import anything from CSV file to Virtuemart. The component is designed to be compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.x. It also works well with both of PHP 4 and PHP 5.

+ CSV Advanced support totally of 13 import types so you can import all essential data into Virtuemart and your site will be ready for LIVE:
1. Calculation Rule Import
2. Category Import
3. Coupon Import
4. Custom Field Import
5. Manufacturer Category Import
6. Manufacturer Import
7. Media Import
8. Order Import
9. Order Item Import
10. Product Import
11. Rating Import
12. User Info Import
13. Waiting List Import

+ CSV Advanced is very friendly and easy to use. It supports mechanism templates so you just need to manage templates and proccess import anytime that you want. All your settings for a template will be saved so you can re-use later easily.

+ CSV Advanced supports total of 358 information fields corresponding to 29 tables of Virtuemart. By intelligent fields management mechanism, you can Add/Remove fields to/from corresponding template easily and fast.

+ CSV Advanced support multiple languages import. As you may knew, Virtuemart 2.x supports multiple languages to store information. So CSV Advanced allows you to import data to corresponding language table in database. It means that if you have data in some different languages then you are able to import all of them into Virtuemart easily.

+ CSV Advanced has many options so it is very flexible and friendly:
1. Auto detect delimiter or not.
2. Field Delimiter: Enter a unique character that separates each field.
3. Text Enclosure: Enter a unique character that encloses each field.
4. Use headers as configuration or not.
5. Skip first line or not.
6. Overwrite existing data or not.
7. Ignore non-existing items or not.
8. Skip default value or not.
9. Category separator: Use to separate category.
10. Category child separator: Use to separate child category.
11. Custom fields separator: Use to separate custom fields.

CSV Advanced will do amazing import and save much of your time.

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Reviews: 1
This was a completely painless install. The interface is clean and simple.

I had a bit of hiccup because of being rusty in VirtueMart and received timely (and very patient) support to get me sorted out. Once I understood where I was going wrong I was able to upload over 7000 products without a hitch in a matter of minutes.

Great product, Great support! Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Very usefull tool and superb support via Skype. Might take a while to get to know how to set up the files but with the support you'll get the hang of it.
Reviews: 1
Can't imagine using VirtueMart wihtout this exctension. I have several thousand items in my webshop. And some are updated on a daily basis.

This exctensions saves me hours of precios time every day. And the support is really fast and great.

After you use this exctension you can't image using VirtueMart wihtouht it...
Reviews: 1
The best product import component for virtuemart, It is just awesome.Bug free, great documentation.

Just make an excel and this component will do rest of part for you.

5 star for after sales support too.

Keep it up :)
Reviews: 4
When i bought this extension i was very skepticism about it.
When i tried ... solved all my problems !!!
Even when i got stuck (out of my own stupidity) the support was very polite and amazingly FAST !
If you have A LOT of stuff to import ... just don't waste your time, let this extension do the job for you flawlessly !!!
Reviews: 1
Bought this extension, and i'm very pleased with it. Even the support is the best ive ever seen.. Even custom work, for a fair price ! Thank You Very Much Giang, hope to do business with you again in the future.
Reviews: 3
I have purchased several extension for Joomla. Out of that this is one of the best that does what it says. The best part of the extension is its support.

Dihn, is waiting for me to be online to solve my issue, that to with a positive attitude. I have never has this kind of support for any of the extensions, I have so far used. The support is more than 5 star. I will surely go in for extension developed by him in future
Reviews: 1
So I purchased the CSV Advanced few days ago and needed help getting it to work with a Joomla system. I received an amazing support from Dinh. I will buy from him again any day.

Keep up the good work.. man!
Reviews: 1
I had to fill hundreds of products into a shop on Virtuemart and looked at many solutions. This one works perfectly and is really complete.
A must have if you don't want to fill your shop by hand
Reviews: 1
CSV Advanced is really a superb extension to import data for Virtuemart.
And the support is really six stars. An essential extension for working with Virtuemart.
With CSV Advanced "Time is Money". I recommend it to all users of Virtuemart. Thank you Giang Dinh Truong.
Reviews: 1
I make a new, difficult website with 20.000 products with different discount for shopper groups and with lots of customs fields. I bought CSV Andvanced and I used, but I didn't found some functions. I spoke with Dinh Truong Giang by Skype and he quickly said the solutions. When some special function didn't work in CSV, he repaired the program and made a new program version. I can use the CSV perfectly. I think, this is a very good program with excellent support. I'd like to say great thanks for his help.
Reviews: 1
CVS Advanced is a must have extension for any one who needs to bulk upload on joomla, using excel you can quickly and easily upload files streight to your website!!!! This Extension comes with the best help i have ever had!! Dinh Truong Giang is a credit to him self and also his Company!!! A MUST HAVE FOR ANY JOOMLA WEBSITE!!! 5*****
Reviews: 2
This is the second extension I purchased from this developer, and once again, it's worth every single penny. When I had trouble, he never hesitated to help out. And for Giang and anyone on a Mac having troubles... I figured it out! If you're saving a csv from Excel for Mac, choose "windows csv" as your file type, not just regular csv. That's what was throwing me off. :-)

You won't regret buying this. It works perfectly and comes with THE BEST customer service. Hands down.
Reviews: 3
I move a lot of products in my store and I need a helpfull and fast import tool. This is more than I ever could dream. fast, powerfull and easy, everything just in three clicks. It´s a plug&play component and if you use Virtuemart you need it, yes or yes. But you can have a very very good component but without an appropiate support, there is nothing to do. This is almost more incredible to understand how could be there a person ready to help you in a few seconds in everything he can. When you have some problem there is Giang ready and he is like a God, he understands you perfect and works fast, very fast, makes feel you like at home. so as I said, everything perfect. Don´t waste your time about thinking what to do and whith no doubt take it!
Reviews: 1
If I could rate the CSV Advanced import program higher than excellent I would. It is fantastic! The support from the author was way beyond anything I have ever experienced. He was very patient and courtest while helping me understand how to make it work at its best and has saved me a ton of time getting products into VirtueMart. Well worth the money. Thank you again my new friend!
Reviews: 1
I'm very happy with this extention, the support is great. Giang the owner is always there to give you help. If you need an extention to import products to VM shop just use this one, it's best one.

Thank's again Giang
Reviews: 1
I found this extension after searching all over on Internet and also trying to make my own! I carefully read all your other rewievs and I decided to invest in this extension.

I had some problem firstly to make the correct template to import my products so I sent an email. Very soon Mr Giang contacted me and we discussed over Skype, a few moments later ha solved my template and we upload it! Working perfect and I was very satisfied with the support and help I got!

I will recommend this extension to all I know! Very good extension!!! I have maybe 30 000 + articles and this will help me a lot! Thank you! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 5
This is a very powerful extension for importing products in Virtuemart using CSV files. It is very configurable. I had some initial troubles in defining my template, but after I read the documentation everything went smooth. The support was great also. I highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 2
I had a shop with more than 1200 ref to had by myself (with images) I managed to do it in excel and then used this tool and fill my database.
Thanks to all the parameters (usefull when you are french with so many special characters) I did this in no time.
Support was great and very reactive!
Reviews: 1
My first ever review, brilliant support and help.

A great products for importing data into virtuemart, its very customisable and the support is brilliant, via, skype, the forum, email and ticket system.

Really saved me days of work.

Thanks Giang
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