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CSV Advanced Component

CSV Advanced is a power, flexible and friendly component, allow you to import data for Virtuemart. With CSV Advanced, you can import anything from CSV file to Virtuemart. The component is designed to be compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.x. It also works well with both of PHP 4 and PHP 5.

+ CSV Advanced support totally of 13 import types so you can import all essential data into Virtuemart and your site will be ready for LIVE:
1. Calculation Rule Import
2. Category Import
3. Coupon Import
4. Custom Field Import
5. Manufacturer Category Import
6. Manufacturer Import
7. Media Import
8. Order Import
9. Order Item Import
10. Product Import
11. Rating Import
12. User Info Import
13. Waiting List Import

+ CSV Advanced is very friendly and easy to use. It supports mechanism templates so you just need to manage templates and proccess import anytime that you want. All your settings for a template will be saved so you can re-use later easily.

+ CSV Advanced supports total of 358 information fields corresponding to 29 tables of Virtuemart. By intelligent fields management mechanism, you can Add/Remove fields to/from corresponding template easily and fast.

+ CSV Advanced support multiple languages import. As you may knew, Virtuemart 2.x supports multiple languages to store information. So CSV Advanced allows you to import data to corresponding language table in database. It means that if you have data in some different languages then you are able to import all of them into Virtuemart easily.

+ CSV Advanced has many options so it is very flexible and friendly:
1. Auto detect delimiter or not.
2. Field Delimiter: Enter a unique character that separates each field.
3. Text Enclosure: Enter a unique character that encloses each field.
4. Use headers as configuration or not.
5. Skip first line or not.
6. Overwrite existing data or not.
7. Ignore non-existing items or not.
8. Skip default value or not.
9. Category separator: Use to separate category.
10. Category child separator: Use to separate child category.
11. Custom fields separator: Use to separate custom fields.

CSV Advanced will do amazing import and save much of your time.

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Reviews: 1
I found this extension while searching for a quicker solution to upload over 10000 products. The product works right out of the box with great documentation to go with it. I had one small problem, my fault not theirs, and the online live skype support i received sorted it straight away. Very happy customer :)
Reviews: 2
I bought this extension and i'm very happy to say that it work very very fine. the support team it's also very kind and nice to help or customize it for each customer solution.

Who need an extension for Import data from CSV file need to use this ! i'm absolutely sure is the best solution for data importing.
Reviews: 3
Thank you for a great extension. The support was amazing thanks to Dinh Truong Giang. I recommend this extension to anyone using viruemart.
Reviews: 2
It is good to see that some nice components are being released for Virtuemart v2. CSV Advanced is such extension which gives extra power to Virtuemart.

I had a small problem when importing custom fields but was really surprised with the live support from Diang. In no time the problem was fixed and explained me mainwhile some additional tips.

Recommended for every Virtuemart v2 store.
Reviews: 1
Many thanks to Dinh, who created this product.

I have used this to import 700 products into a website. I had a few issues and he was very very helpful. I created a support ticket on the site and he replied very quickly. Then I still had issues so he worked with me using Skype to sort them all out. What a brilliant person!

I am hoping to get his help on other areas of Virtuemart now.

Thanks again,

Reviews: 1
At first, I was having a little trouble importing my CSV file, but I contacted the developer for assistance and he was more than happy to help me. He solved all my problems. CSV Advanced has saved me time and money. I would recommend this extension to anyone who is looking to import CSV files.
Reviews: 1
No extension is truly great without great support and Giang is truly fantastic. He helped me fast every step of the way from pre-sale all the way to importing the products. CSV Advanced is truly a fantastic extension and deservces more than just the 5 star rating. This is definitely the best extension and best support I have seen in all my years of using Joomla.

I will definitely use this extesnsion with my sites in the future and I highly recommend it to anyone using VirtueMart.I definitely hope to work with Giang again in the future!
Reviews: 1
I was amazed of the quality of this extension and of the Amazing Live Support and Installation! I recomend it to every joomla user.
Reviews: 5
It's a great extension. Only export functionality is missing, but with the example file it's also working.
Reviews: 1
This extension is very flexible and powerful. And the support was fast and efficient. Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 3
I bought it recently this component, after 2 month of trying different components and programmers, with no success, i was desperate. I contacted Giang in order to perform custom works on the component. He did it very fast, with perfect results. Confident, reliable, and a pleasure to work with him. For sure i will contact them for future works.
Reviews: 1
Program installed without any issues, in minutes I was able to upload data.

I had added an additional field and couldn't get it to upload, looking back, a really silly mistake on my part.

Thankfully within minutes of contacting Gian, he walked me through the error, fixed it and made sure I could upload.

Not too often can you find such impeccable service

Thank you Gian
Reviews: 1
I needed an extension to import thousands of products into Virtuemart when I came across CSVA. I found itr to be just what I wanted and need ed some help in setting it up. Giang was brilliant with his fast personal attention to get things going.
Highly recommended
Reviews: 1
This is a very good extension and does what it says.
I faced out some problems about the initial setup but I solved all of them thanks to the excellent support of Giang.
He is very proactive in helping his customers via ticket as well as via skype.
With his support I was able to import my products in double language in more or less one hour.

In my opinion it is a "must have" extension if you using Virtuemart.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the tools which really lives up to the expectations created in the product description. It allows to comfortably define and manage your templates and import your data with a few mouse clicks.
Above all the customer service is one of the best I experienced in a long time. Competent and very helpful!
Reviews: 1
This is a really good product - does exactly what it says.
More importantly, however, the support was excellent. Gian took the initiative and constantly followed up to make sure I had no problems with the component. This extra service, IMO, made the purchase more than worth it. Keep it up guys!
Reviews: 1
CSV Advanced does what it says it does. Initially I had some difficulties with getting the program setup and configured to my database. Fortunately, Dinh responded back to my support ticket right away and then we chatted with Skype. I sent him my database and he was able to help me configure properly and get everything configured so I could import my data. If you follow the instructions you should do fine. If not, I'm sure Dinh will provide the same superior support. Best service and support I have received in years! 5/5 Stars.

Frank Beier
Dynamic Webs, LLC
Reviews: 3
CSV Advanced is THE ultimate solution to fill your Virtuemart shop with content! Very easy to use and configure the way YOU like. I made a few mistakes with my csv file, so I needed support. Giang helped me within MINUTES, and now everything work fine in my site. I wish all Joomla! extensions would have such an amazing support like this one! A must have component if you have Virtuemart store!
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic component. It's easy to use and coped with large numbers of products without any problem. I had an issue over a very large csv file and the developer helped me via gmail and googlechat. He took the time to go through my data and make sure everything was correct. He helped me to combine my two csvs into one upload, explained all the component options and was really happy to help. He was patient, polite and very, very helpful

I now have a happy client whose 40k products are loaded up in a matter of minutes. The categories link across to the products and after my tutorial with Giang, I feel ready to tackle even larger, more complex sites.

I can't recommend this product highly enough. I've used other 'import' products and this is by far the easiest and the support is FANTASTIC!
Reviews: 1
I used to enter my clients products manually in Virtuemart. Along with the tedious of the work, the global project budget for my clients were significantly increased.

Thanks to this extension, this is not a problem anymore. I am able to easily generate a CSV file from our clients' product lists and import them directly in Vurtuemart.

I recommend this extension.
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