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VirtueMart Quick Summary Module

VirtueMart Quick Summary is a horizontal (and vertical in 1.7+)cart summary. It includes 3 Styles: Bag, Cart, and Basket. A slimbox Popup Summary shows what is in your cart. It uses AJAX to update your cart without refreshing the page. You can customize all links. Now supporting K2Mart and K2Store!

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Reviews: 16
a very useful extension to turn VM into providing a good user experience, new release make styling much easier than before, very attentive service. All in all a very pleasant experience, highly recommended
Reviews: 1
Looked at many forums in search of working module basket. In most cases, this basket was the best reviews. For me it was important that the basket is horizontal, take up little space and updated after the purchase. Install the module quickly and easily. Just not immediately earned a popup window when you press buy. This was quickly eliminated by contacting customer support. For those looking for a cart - it is a good choice with fast support.
Reviews: 1
I've had this extension for just over a year now and I love how it looks so sleek and streamlined on my website while taking up minimal space. With a simple click, the customer can view a pop up summary and navigate to checkout whenever they are ready.

I recently had a problem with this extension and am glad to say that the service provided by Pixel Point is beyond awesome! Responses are prompt and Dan was very willing to help resolve the issue even though I purchased this extension just over a year ago. Thank you so much Dan for going the extra mile for me, really appreciate it!
Reviews: 4
I bought this extension to save some space on my page(carts module are usually so big). It definitively helped me out and it was dawn easy.
If you want an horizontal cart (no verticality here), that's the extension you need.
I just encountered a problem with some transparency stuff due to my template, the staff answered me so fast and solved it very easily ! Definitively recommend it.
Will order newly at pixel point creative without a doubt.
Reviews: 6
Not only is this extension an invaluable addition to your Virtuemart arsenal but the author deserves 10 stars for his support! I had a problem which ultimately was not even directly attributable to the extension and he still helped me fix it! AWESOME! 10/10 for both Quick Summary and 10/10 for Dan!
Reviews: 2
Simple to buy, simple to install. Good instructions and great support.

I submitted a ticket to see how to change the layout of the module to fit in a square box. Dan replied straight away, I gave him my login details and he did it for me within 10 minutes.

You can't ask for better than that!
Reviews: 9
Great module! Gives the customer some nice eye candy while strolling through the site. AJAX effects help make for a very slick presentation.

Developer support is fantastic. I had a slight problem with a Flash-based menu system overlapping the mod and the dedication to solving the problem was top notch.
Reviews: 12
Beautifull, gives a professional look to your website and saves screen space. Very good support too: due to an error in my global configuration I encountered a small bug. I gave them access to my admin and FTP access and they solved in no time!

Mind you: be nice and check their forum before submitting tickets!
Reviews: 2
We are currently using VirtueMart Quick Summary on our online store. This extension worked flawlessly on the very first try! Great job, and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
If you're looking for a nice, simple and clean Virtuemart cart, with some good options, this is it! There's also good support in the forums.
Reviews: 1
Downloaded, followed instructions, installed and a few minutes later I had a perfect summary cart showing and looking great. Much better than the virtuemart standard cart... nice, simple and clean.
Thanks for the extension!
Reviews: 1
Great module!!!

this is what i need for my online store...
but the only issue i have is if i click add to cart in browse page or in product detail page, the module doesn't update its content. i have to refresh /reload page to update the quick summary content. i wonder why this happen??

I am using joomla 1.5.8 and virtuemart 1.1.4
Owner's reply

This cart does not use ajax to update. If you disable ajax in the virtuemart settings, the site will automatically reload the page and the cart will be updated when you add something. If ajax is left on, it won't update the cart until you refresh.

Reviews: 2
This module solves several things I was trying to do all at once. Its perfect and worked right out of the gate. Great job guys, Im very happy.

Wishlist: I dont see a way to modify the font color of the drop down, fonts are light grey on white background and hard to read. Im sure there must be an easy way in the code though.

Im now going to hire someone to modify my site so when someone clicks "ADD TO CART" it brings up your lightbox summary instead of of redirecting and loading the shopping cart page.