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ccVAOM for Virtuemart ComponentModulePlugin

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Advanced order management for Virtuemart! Save time on a daily basis by using ccVAOM. Manage and process your VM orders faster and with fewer errors.

Tested and working perfectly with latest versions of Virtuemart 2.0 and 2.6!!

Remember that all functions listed below can be done for one or multiple orders, in just a few clicks!

- Manually or automatically create PDF invoices
- Batch download orders
- Batch download invoices
- Batch order status change

- Also create packing slips, order lists and more

- Export address labels to label printers
- Download PDF list with your orders
- Export orders and invoices as CSV
- Create a packing slip for orders

With full open source control: get the unencrypted extension for use on UNLIMITED sites, no restrictions!

== Edit templates ==
Editing any template is extremely easy. With the popular template editor, editing a template is similar to editing a Joomla! article. HTML knowledge is not mandatory to achieve the changes you require.

== Automated processing ==
It is even possible to turn orders to invoices and e-mail them to clients automatically with the automated processing settings!

== Improved customer experience ==
Comes with an improved customer overview so your customers can download orders and invoices from one page.

And much much more! Find out why people stick to Virtuemart, try ccVAOM today.

Available in 6 languages!

--> We offer professional support from our full time Joomla! experts! We handle questions and issues with a high priority. If you have any questions or issues, create a ticket on our website so our team can assist you!

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Reviews: 4
I only write reviews for extensions or developers that I feel have really earned it. I used to use CCVOAM in the past and switched to VM Invoice (VMI) a few years ago. The main reason for my switch was VMI's ability to manually create and edit orders.

I have a need now for being able to easily download chosen order information into my UPS software so I contacted Chill Creations to see if CCVAOM could do what I wanted. I got a super quick reply so I went ahead and renewed my subscription.

I can say that CCVAOM is a wonderful component and Chill Creations' support is absolutely top notch! I still have to use VMI for my manual orders and order editing but hopefully, CCVAOM will add this in the near future and I can ditch the other. The other is pretty good but their support, on a paid extension, is ATROCIOUS!

I had an issue after installing CCVAOM where my VMI would not create pdf invoices. To give a little more information, I am still running J1.5 and they made it real clear they no longer support J1.5 before I purchased. I am in the process of migrating to J2.5 but don't have it ready yet so the installation was to my old site.

I submitted a ticket and mentioned that I know they no longer support J1.5 and if they were not able to help, I would completely understand. Within a few hours, I had a reply asking for login info to my site to see what was going on. After providing that, a few hours later I got reply and all is working fine! That is going above and beyond in my book.

I just wish that other Joomla developers who are going to ask for my hard earned money for their extension would treat me at least half as well! Yes, there are quite a few but there are also many whose support is lacking at best, including the other I mentioned above.

Great job Chill! Thank you!
Reviews: 2
I use the extensiosn of chills creations a couple of months now, and I can say they are very good. Not only the extensions itselfs are working good and are easy in use, also the support is very good! After you submit a problem or if you just have a question, you always get a fast answer and solutions. So for the best extension builder I know!
Reviews: 3
This extension is brilliant. My warehouse can batch process orders i.e. creates multiple invoices, print labels, and change order status to send really easy now.
The few issues I have had, mostly requirements from my warehouse, have been fixed or added extremely fast by customer service. I can give my warmest recommendations to this product and dev team. It is a pleasure when people care about their customers! I care back!
Reviews: 8
I have been using ccVAOM for about 2 months now. My client needed a specially formatted output that could be easily printed on a pre-printed form that was 8.5 X 14 (legal) size. Using the ccVAOM "Packing slip" template I was able to create the exact content in the exact format necessary to print this form.

On the few occasions when I needed to contact support I received a prompt response every time. In all cases they were able to quickly solve my problems.

I use a lot of Joomla extensions - I have over 70 active clients - and Chill Creations are at the very top of the list as far as quality of their product and their support team! Keep up the good work! Well worth the money!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

Reviews: 6
This is a very useful product, our clients use it mostly for downloading a CSV file to produce Address Labels for their products. We had a problem and the support was EXCELLENT. Problem was solved quickly and politely, highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
I can't recommend this highly enough. It is an excellent solution to managing your invoices effectively and it extremely easy to use.

When I had a slight problem the support I got was amazing, thank you very much!
Reviews: 16
This component has saved us tons of work when exporting orders and creating invoices, the layout is really simple.

The support is excellent, the slight difference to it main competitor in money is well worth. Here you have full support from friendly developers always willing to fix issues.

If you want to manage your invoices easily and in a professional way no doubt this is the best option.
Reviews: 2
This is a great solution, well thought out, not too over engineered and does what it says on the tin.

As an experienced Joomla and open source developer this product is easy to install, setup and maintain.

The hands down best part about Chill Creations is their support team and the level of support that you get is brilliant.

Superb value for money. 5 stars.!!
Reviews: 16
The component looks amazing, friendly interface, simplicity to the max with all what you require, is constantly getting updated with features and improvements and people should know that a part from the invoice main purpose this component is usefull for many other reasons:
- You can download a CSV with your invoices and orders which will help a lot for accountant reasons. You can even edit the templates for orders, invoices etc etc and choose what fields to export. And here is where is a big step towards its main competitor.
- You can download orders if you need them as us in a daily bases.
- Of course you can generate Invoices, send them etc

The component is still not perfect, little bugs were corrected with a great personal assistance by their team.

The biggest issue remains with the invoice numbers which are stored in the database so the "delete" invoices looses partly the effect and the control from the backend, a serious issue they should think about in order to give the total control to the shop owner.

A part from this, the component is really well worth 5 stars and their support the same.
Reviews: 1
I'm using this component for a while now and I'm satisfied with it. Although sometimes after an update things stop working (whether it is because of my website, their component or a combination of both) their support is very very good and fast! The problems are solved accurately and I am still a satisfied customer. If you are seeking for an invoice component I can recommend ccvaom.
Reviews: 1
The CCvaom extension is a pure timesafer and allows you to automate your Virtuemart webshop in an efficient manner. We use the component to generate PDFs with the confirmed (read payed) orders and e-mail this to our fulfillment partner using the cronjob functionality. What we have experienced is that not all customers pay their order, and we only want to ship the paid orders. This component helps to make this possible. Unfortunately I did not worked directly out of the box. The generated mails offer the possibility to do this using a nice set of templates. This works for the package slip, the orders, the invoice to the customer but did not work for the invoice BCC. Confronting the Chill Creations people with this issue we found a great deal of support in getting this fixed. It took some time to understand the issue but we now have this working. Special thanks to Arun for his support!
Reviews: 2
I have been using ccVAOM for over six months now and am very happy. Creating invoices in batch has been easy and a big real time saver. These guys have been dedicated to providing a good piece of software with great support. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
Works great and excellent and fast support!
Reviews: 3
This extension does, what VM does not or you will have to hack the files.

Making a invoice template is so easy and can be made to your specific needs. Sorting orders and invoices is done with some simple clicks! Download it into pdf or resend it is easy.

There seems to be a new upgrade coming within some weeks which seems te be able to overrule the default invoice/order process of VM itself. Can not wait for it. I strongly advise to choose for this product. We are happy we did.

Another nice thought. The support is SUPER. 7 days a week and in a fast way.
Reviews: 2
ccVAOM is the best component I have used for Joomla / VM by far.

We are sending more then 1500 orders every month and with this component creating invoices is a breeze. It is easy to customize the template for the invoices and within a couple of minutes we now are able to create the invoices for that day.

After installing some other modules we had a problem with this component (slow loading at the backend). After creating a ticket at Chill Creations and sending them some additional info, the problem was tackled very quick and they solved this issue.

If you are using Joomla and VM as your webshop and are serious about your customers and invoices: ccVAOM is the first component you should buy.

Highly appreciated!
Reviews: 2
I would suggest the ccVOAM is a must have component for those who run the online store with Virtuemart. It sure save me a lot of administration time on the order management.

However, the most important point that motivate me to write this review is the great support form Arun, the developer.

With Arun's professional and promptly follow up, the ccVAOM can dealing with Chinese PDF perfectly now.

Thanks for the great component.
Reviews: 6
This extension itself is great to say the least.

Before trying ccVAOM, i was using a self-made program in Excel. Although i was using lookup formulas and a lot of macros, it was a bit of tedious work and took some time to accomplish.

Honestly, at first i did not care and the excel program was fine to start with. As my business grew and more orders came in, i had less much time to spend on invoices (sometimes i delayed them up to 2 weeks...).

I am already using cciDEAL from Chill Creations on my website and so i decided to have a try at ccVAOM as well.

Installation was easy and i immediately procceeded to customizing the template. Although ccVAOM has a large variety of tags available, there was one that i needed which was not available at the moment (price including tax per single quantity).

Using the ticket support system on the Chill Creations website i asked for assistance. The level of service at CC is amazing to say the least. They got back to me very fast and fixed the problem (more like feature request actually) for me.

5 stars well deserved for both the extension and the service. Keep it up!
Reviews: 5
I have this component for over one week now. This works perfectly.
The thing I realy like is that it can automaticly send invoices based on the order status.
Also am pleased with the possibility to change the invoice template with your editor.

I think this is a useful component for allmost all virtuemart webshops.

I'm also using cciDeal from Chillcreations and I must say that they have a fast and great support.
Reviews: 1
Great component and support from Chill Creations!

I needed two additional functions and needed to solve few other minor problems and all was solved in just a few days with constant contact from CC Team! Great job, thank you!
Reviews: 1
ccVaom was the best solution for our webstore and it is saving us hours work a day, especially when we have to make more then 20 invoices every day.
It's very easy to install and easy to use in the backend.
What comes with this extention is fast and great support from Chill Creations.
Personally, i would recommend ccVaom to every webstore with more then 10 invoices a day.
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