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VM Invoices ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

Create PDF invoices and/or dispatch notes generated from VirtueMart orders or manually. These may be emailed to customers automatically or made available for download in the customer area.

VirtueMart Invoices is a Joomla + VirtueMart component. It can generate PDF invoices and despatch notes based on VirtueMart purchases (orders). It may operate either in manual mode when operated by e-store administrator on in fully automated mode. Created PDF invoices can be then automatically sent to shoppers' emails or be downloaded at order list in website customer area.

* create own VirtueMart orders / invoices using; simply create new orders through your Joomla backend e.g. when accepting orders via phone, fax, in person or other channels
* Generate PDF invoices for VirtueMart customers from their orders
* Customizable PDF templates using WYSIWYG editor
* Generate delivery / dispatch notes (optionally)
* Manual or fully automated operation
* Batch orders/invoice processing
* Can send invoices to customers' emails
* easy integration with VirtueMart order list on Joomla front-end enables on-click invoice downloads for logged-in users
* tax summary block for EU customers

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Reviews: 1
We have used the VM invoice in our web project with quite demanding application modification. The Artio support was excellent, we understood each other. After taylored modifications, upgrage the module is working perfectly and what is important it still is developing.
Reviews: 1
Very bad product, with many bugs, do not calculate correctly taxes for freight cost.

When you claim by email, they say that you must pay more money to solve bugs,

Avoid it, do not waste your money and time with this VERY BAD product, and very bad support.
Owner's reply

This is absolutelly untrue.
We were communicating with the user quite intensivelly, but he refused to understand the problem is coming out already from the way how VM calculates tax for shipping.
The above mentioned problem has no direct relation with VM Invoice self.

Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I was looking for! I really had to have the feature of being able to edit orders of customers and take phone orders. This plugin is affordable but does the job really well!

I am very happy with it. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 3
Excellent extension, i recommend it. Is easy to configure and has perfect performance.
Reviews: 3
VmInvoice is the most perfect extension for invoices and order management I've found so far.

Easily generates invoices, delivery notes and sends them out automatically. Even better, the lay-out is easily customizable. Also inputting manual orders, and making new customer accounts doing so is a great addition since both aren't possible in the Virtuemart core.
Reviews: 4
This extension is the easiest way to change order values after sale.

I use it for a shop with highly configurable products. Sometimes a product cannot be produced as ordered. So I may adjust the order and send a new invoice with VMinvoice.

It will create invoices and delivery notices automatically and sends it on multiple defined order status.

But there is one point i really dislike: You cannot choose different order status for invoices and delivery notices.
Reviews: 2
Since 1,5 years we are using this extension. Everything works fine, and if we had have a problem: the support team solved it always within a few hours!
Reviews: 1
Works fine! I had some start problems but the support was very good and fast!!
Don't make to long inputs for e.g. Payment details of virtuemart ... it could be that it is not shown in the pdf if the text is to long.

Excellent extension for nice Invoice generation!
Reviews: 1
Works good in VM2!
Its really2x great that I finally found this extension. I installed and everything went successfully.
The purpose, custom, everything fit with what I need.

Thank you so much vm-invoice!
Reviews: 1
I very much like the easy handling and functionality of VM Invoice.
Reviews: 13
The latest version of this software and the latest version of VM2 are not compatible.

It doesnt send an invoice at all automatically and when you send one manually it doesnt correctly add the .pdf extension so the invoice cannot be simply opened.

Oh and dont bother trying to email the company after paying for it because he doesnt answer.

Latest in forum is just that there is an update coming - but as yet nothing and i am £25 down.

Not happy and this is the first bad review i have ever written amongst lots of great ones.
Owner's reply

The current version is known to be fully compatible with VM2. Maybe at time you wrote this review, there were problems, as the several first version of VM 2.x were quite buggy and also they have changed the DB structure several times, which caused updating VM Invoice as well.

Reviews: 2
I chose this software because it seemed to be the only one that could create delivery notes as well as invoices. I also needed to customise the delivery note too.
Not too bad to install although I didn't realise I needed to install Virtuemart first. I didn't realise this as I was only looking for a stand alone invoice system (should have been made clearer).
I paid for the software plus one hour of support so I could get the customisation done on the delivery note. However, when I requested the customisation I was sent an update to the software and was told I could do the changes myself. I have not yet been offered a refund on my purchase of 'support' and I am still waiting on a reply from the support team. I have also queried a couple of things that are hapening on the update too which shouldn't be.
Because the component only works with Virtuemart you have to go between both VM and VMInvoices to set any params (annoying). Also, I am finding it difficult to get answers to my questions.
A good component with lousy support. I look forward to see an improvement there.
Reviews: 2
I use the VM-Invoice to put up delivery notes for an order and to manually add an order. The ease of use and the styling of the software are very userfriendly. The possibility to style the PDFs as you like and to add strings makes it very customizable. And this perfectly suits my needs. Great work.
Reviews: 3
A perfect peace of software. Makes my life much easier.

And the support is one of the best I ever had. And... I had many in the past. :-)

Would alway again buy software from artio.

Go on guys! :-)
Reviews: 2
This is a great addition to any Virtuemart shop, especially one that also deals with telephone orders. My client inputs offline orders via VM invoice and the system automatically adds all the (user/product/payment) details to Virtuemart ... Magic!
Reviews: 1
This plugin has helped me a lot with my webshop!
Invoices are sent automatically, and delivery notes are very usefull, because they must be sent with the order...

I am a freelancer, and the manual order creation module helps me to invoice my clients, and the invoices are stored on a "secret" personal Joomla installation.

The multiple vendor option really helps if you have multiple freelance jobs..

Reviews: 15
Since we bought the component it has been updated like 5 times in 4 months with new features, update is as easy as clicking a button from the admin in Joomla.
Jan really works hard on this component and now is a really professional invoice system. I'll say the best, and I have tried a few before this one. The support on the forum although is not super fast is more than decent and you will always get an answer. Lately our little requests have been implemented in a matter of days and the layout of the Invoice is really good.
Reviews: 5
This component works very well. Very simple to install and just edit a file to have invoices in frontend. Thanks !
Reviews: 5
This component had everything I needed except delivery notes (some call dispatch notes). I contacted the developers and they responded very quickly and added this functionality in no time. Further to this, I made few more suggestions and they were all implemented within few days.

I am a very happy customer. I cannot thank enough. The most important thing for me is; they took their time to reply my emails.

Excellent support, excellent communication and needless to say, excellent component.

Bottom line: it is worth every penny.