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AJAX Dock Cart for VirtueMart ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

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New perspective of shopping carts

The well known fisheye effect from Apple's dock menu charms everyone. Even if you aren't a mac user I know that secretly you marvel too at its beauty. That's why I created an always shown dock styled shopping cart for You. This is a real interactiv and userfrendly module and transforms the usual boring procedure to a great shopping experience. Nothing can disturb the shopping process! During shopping it's very useful to show the cart content always, so I fixed it to the bottom of the browser. The most customer don't want to waste time with scrolling up and up or down to find the cart and than to check its content.

Shiny product icons with rounded corners

In a typical webshop the product images are only simple JPG files with a monotone background color. Our cart module will upgrade this pictures to shiny transparent PNG icons with gradient backrounds and rounded corners to fit into the dock. It gives elegant look to your shop and products.

AJAX do it faster

Speed up your webshop with AJAX technology! Your customers can have the possibility to add or remove products to the shopping cart, without waiting the page load each time, so only the cart content will refresh. Nowadays it's highly recommanded for a customer oriented webshop.


Great shopping experience
Fast and real interactions
Customer satisfaction
Increased sales in your webshop
Elegant look
Premium themes
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) support


Joomla 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5
Virtuemart 1.1 / 2.0

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Reviews: 6
The module brings a shopping cart alive and looks very good.

The support was also very good I had an issue and they got back to me the same day.
Reviews: 3
Watch out, its not the cart you see in action on the demo-website. I followed the link to the demo and was excited about the cart i saw there. I bought it and what a surprise, its different. Its like in the 2 pictures up here.

After i installed it, the cart has problems. Its not updating alone, its only showing the loading icon. If you go into the cart, the cart always will be empty.

The Support answered after one day, without fixing anything and without a reply to one of my questions.

I am personally very sad about this module and it was not worth 1 cent - till now. Maybe in few more weeks they will be back at business and answer the support tickets.
Reviews: 8
Very elegant component for your site Very simply and elegance
Highly recommend!!!!
Reviews: 9
Very nice and clean...easy to use and configure look and feel...Highly recommend!!
Reviews: 1
In advance sorry for my english ...
Response was excellent and fast!
There was a problem with the alias www
Thanks again for your time and excellent support
Reviews: 1
It looks great. A lot of ways to customize it. Fantastic support. Loving it.
Thanks guys.
Reviews: 1
+ Easy set up.
+ Works well, with all main browsers.
+ Easy implementation.
+ You can practically modify anything you want.
+ Good looking.
+ Good price.
- Some small bugs, with VM2, easily solved with support. They will probably fix this in the next update.

+ Fast
Reviews: 1
The app is actually that good that the owner of the website has asked me not to apply it to any other website!!

It totally worths the money and everyone should buy it! with this vm2 and the one page checkout combined is becoming imo the best component for eshop as it can provide a 2-Click Buy solution for the end consumers!!

The support of these guys is less than 12h and provided me even with custom solution as well!

Great job!!
Reviews: 1

The support of offlajn was very good, they answer fast and help me to fix a problem, thank you!
Reviews: 2
Am eye-catching, simple to use VM cart. Excellent, friendly and very fast support. As a matter of fact they even debugged for me a file outside their cart software in no time!
Reviews: 2
I Met problem on https mode And the team brought à solution quickly. Good reaction And nice job. Thé module works perfectly.
Reviews: 2
great product , from the best team , it worth all the money i spend, 100% recommended , thank you for the great extensions,,i will work with you forever
Reviews: 1
I installed Ajax dock cart on my VM store and was very impressed at how easy to install and configure it was. However it did not work properly with a third party featured products template module I was using. One quick support request was all it took, and the problem was quickly corrected by their excellent support staff. Offlajn are professional, courteous, and just plain impressive. If all Joomla developers set their customer care bar as high as these guys, the world would be a much better place. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
We have a lot of Offlajn products on our website.
They all work great and if not they have really excellent support!

This guys do not rest until their customers are happy.

So thank you and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
As all the extension they provide, this one is very good. Eye candy, customisable and fonctionnal . (it even correct a problem i had with muti-template on my site ;))

And the support is really good and fast .

Don't hesitate, go and try !
Reviews: 10
This is the second extension I purchase from Offlajn (on last year I bought the VM Accordion) and the result is always the same: 100% Excellent.
Those extensions work like a charm, its price is reasonnable and the support team service is the best I experienced on the web.
Highly recommended!!!
Reviews: 1
In a first instalation, the module didn´t work fine. I asked for support and the developer began to work on my site until all worked fine.
Excellent module and good support. Thanks to Offlajn
Reviews: 4
Hallo all,
First, I hear for before few days when I search for joomla extension because I buy new template from monstertemplates,
which never start to work like presented demo, also with support admins of mentioned company. Wasted money.

Then I start to search the components and modules which I will put on my web shop to put my web shop to new level in design.
And than, thank to good, I find

I buy three components from them, and one is AJAX Dock Chart

I never see something like this type of Chart functionality and design on any other web shop and I decide to have it.
Installation was very easy, configuration also very friendly, and AJAX Chart Dock start to work. Great look and great to use.

Thanks the Offlajn team. You are great.
Reviews: 46
Looks amazing and modern.
Very easy to customise.
Loads of options.
Easy to use.
Animations are super smooth and look natural.
This is the coolest cart for Virtuemart.
The Developer is one of the best there is.
Fantastic job !!!
Reviews: 16
So I spent the 18 dollars for this ext, which is a 6/5 stars deal in my opinion.
I did encounter a slight conflict issue with my AJAX driven chat module/component I have on my site, which I did kind of predict would happen, upon letting the support guys know via support form. I got a response less the 2 hours later, and after I provided the necessary access to my directory, it was resolved (less the 24 hours for total resolution).
Hopefully this review helps people realized that this is well worth the money. (already have a lot of positive feedback from my users saying it looks "AWESOME".
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