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Save Cart for Virtuemart ModulePlugin

In the busy modern life, sometime customers can only take 5 minutes to have a look around an online shop before coming back to work. Therefore, a plugin that allows customers to save their cart is very useful and showing your care about customers’ concern. With Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin from, your website will be more interactive and shopper-center developed.

How it works

After adding products to their carts, customers can choose to send these carts to their emails to save them. They are required to log in in order to manage their carts more effectively. Then shoppers can come back and finish their checkouts any time.


1. Unlimited Saving Carts
With a user profile, customer can save as many carts as they want.

2. Various Cart Skins
Five colors (Blue, Red, Black, Pink, and Gray) are offered for your different types of business.

3. Delete and Rename Carts
Just deleting carts that you have finished and naming them for better organization

4. Send Saved Carts to Any Emails
This function allows clients receiving and storing the content of cart in their email


- Creating a active and innovative shopping way for customers

- Gaining interaction between business owners and shoppers

- Getting clients to register accounts, which is useful for your market research and direct marketing

- Increasing customers’ possibility to come back and purchase your products

How to set it up

Step 1: install the plugin as a normal Joomla installation

Step 2: Activate the plugin

Step 3: go to your menu, create a new Virtuemart Menu ( link to Virtuemart -> Account Maintenance)

Step 4: go to front end joomla, add a product into Virtuemart cart, and you will see the Save Cart with all the functions of this plugin.

====CHANGE LOG====

VERSION 3.0 - Updated on 9th, October 2014

# Fixed issues with JS and PHP bug in VM2 profile view.

+ Works fine with IEs (7,8,9,10), Firefox (3.5, 14+), Chrome 20+

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